Friday, February 3, 2012

List update- almost there!

Here is what is left on my list:
#1- get in the best shape of my life
#9- kayak
#10- catch a fish
#18- upgrade one room in my house (DONE post coming soon)
#26- kiss in the rain
#27- read the Bible all the way through (I finished the Old Testament and a lot of the New! Only 16 books left!)

Last year I had said in this post that order to mark #1 off my list I needed to run two laps around Lake Lynn without walking (aprox. 4.5 miles) and run a 9 minute mile.  Well I accomplished one of those this week!  I ran around Lake Lynn two times without walking.  I was so happy.  I am actually seeing progress with my running.  It is SLOW.  SLOW progress.  But it is progress.  And the feeling of doing something I had never done before was fantastic!!

I haven't tried the nine minute mile yet.  I am scared.  I'm still slow so I don't want to try yet and get disappointed if I'm not even close.  But I ran an easy mile as part of a fitness challenge at work and my time for that was 10:16, so maybe it isn't impossible.  I'm just not mentally ready to to try yet.

As I was running around the lake I decided I am adding something else to the criteria for crossing this one off my list.  I must be at a healthy weight according to this chart:

I tried not to make it about weight because I HATE how we girls become a slave to that number on the scale.  But I just can't declare myself "best shape of my life" if I am overweight.  So yeah.  All my life I have found it can be hard for me to fit what charts say is healthy because I am so short.  At my lowest, skinniest size 4 self in high school I was still at the upper-end of "healthy" according to the charts.  But this chart has a wider range than I have seen in the past and is totally do-able I think. 

What do you guys think?  I know I have asked this a million times, but how would you define "the best shape of your life?"


Jamie said...

9 minute mile. I've done it once. Once. It hurt, but I did it! I did that sh!t on the treadmill and rocked out to my very favorite running song. You feel like you are going to die, but it is possible!!!!!! Girl, you just have to get it done!!!!!!!

Millie said...

Good for you on the running! Running is always slow progress for me. Trying to get back into it now and boy, is it challenging.

Heather said...

Running is a hard thing to do, but it does get easier and the hard word DOES pay off :).

T's Mama said...

I'm so proud of you! Running is the best exercise! A 9 minute mile is tough but I'm sure with your determination you'll do it and it will be so rewarding. I like your thoughts on the weight chart too - there is a broad range of "healthy" weights and remember, muscle weights a lot more than fat!

Jennifer M. said...

The best shape of my life would mean being able to jog/run without being out of breath immediately. I've never really been "in shape", so to speak, so even that much would be a lot for me!

The thin seeker said...

Congrats on being able to run 2 laps of Lynn Lake!!!

According to that image I am 86.6 lbs overweight. Need to get shape :P