Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#18- Upgrade one room in my house

I have learned over the past six years that one of the most frustrating things about having a house is that it is like having a project that is never really complete.  First of all it is expensive!  You move in and you have all these ideas of things you want to change but dang! it is expensive to do everything you want to do.  Then as you complete projects, new ones come up.  It is a never ending cycle.

That is why I had a hard time marking this one as complete.  Because there are still things I want to do.  Especially in my kitchen because that is the room I really had in mind when I put this on my list.

I have upgraded several rooms in my house over the past few years, but one of the most dramatic differences I think it in my office/guest room/home gym.  Here are some "before" shots:

And here are some "after" shots:

One other MAJOR improvement in my house was the instillation of bamboo hardwoods throughout my first floor.  Here is a "before" shot (sorry only one I could find):

 And here is an After:

I also painted my Master Bath and upgraded the faucet in that room. I can't find a good "before" but here is the "after":

And since I mentioned the kitchen, here is a picture of what that looks like now:
I still want to repaint this room (the entire downstairs in fact), add knobs to all the cabinets, install a new light fixture, upgrade all the appliances to stainless steel, get a new sink and counter tops,  put a valance over that window or something, and add a backsplash.  But that takes money that I do not have at the moment, so it will do for now!

Even though there are a lot of other things I want to do when it comes to "upgrading" my house, I am marking #18- "Upgrade one room in my house" as COMPLETE!  Finally.  YAY!


Barefoot in the Park said...

Do you like your bamboo? We are thinking of putting it n

T's Mama said...

Looks great Susan! I love the bamboo floors and the map pictures!

Ms. Morgan said...

Hey there blogging buddy! Hope you're having an amazing weekend....anyway. I tagged/linked to you in a recent blog of mine. Hopefully to increase readership for all. Check it out at:

Congrats on #18 being completed. I love the hardwood floors through the downstairs and that's a great improvement on the office/guest room. Good for you!

addy said...

Oh wow I love your bamboo floors!

Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'll keep at my list even if I don't finish by August 16!

The thin seeker said...

Your improvements look great. You're making me want to buy a place and move out.

I started renovating my room a while ago, actually now that I think of it, it's been 6 or 7 years ago and I still haven't finished sanding the plaster off my walls and repainting the walls.

Seeing your beautiful before and after has inspired me to finally complete it.

The thin seeker said...
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Ally said...

That looks great and I love your bathroom curtain and the office color. So pretty.

JayMcshorty said...

Looks wonderful! I love the floors and the paint job in the bathroom! I wish I could renovate my dorm room lol It's a drag!