Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Things I Learned on Ski Trip 2012

1. How to do The Wobble and The Wop and the Copperhead Road dances

2. That goggles and face protection is necessary not optional when skiing while it is freezing cold and snowing.

3. Leaving the laptop at home while on vacation is a good thing.

4. There is a sports company called "Head" and they make a snowboard that says "I *heart* HEAD" which totally sounds very dirty when you see a guy carrying it and are not aware of said company.

5. A snowboard or a guitar can instantly make a guy way hotter than he would be without said items.

6. Hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey's and a shot of Kahlua and lots of whip cream is the yummiest drink ever when you are freezing cold.

7. It might be smarter to buy my own skis if we keep doing this trip every year instead of renting (or at least my own boots because those things kill my feet!).

8. People are buried facing east because when Jesus comes back He will come from the east supposedly.  (And the sun rises in the east. and The Son rose on EASTer. and we make Easter eggs and eggs are eaten in the morning which leads back to the sun rising in the east.  This blew our minds for some odd reason.)

9. Bunk beds can actually be really cozy and comfy.

10. You need wool socks and toe warmers to keep your feet warm.  Layers of cotton socks will not do the job when it is freezing out.

And that is all for this totally random Wednesday post :)


Jane said...

Isn't it Thursday? ;-)

Hot chocolate with a shot of Kahlua is the absolute best. :-) I've never had it with Bailey's though. I'll have to try that sometime.

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

I Love the Copperhead Road dance!! :)

Suz L said...

Ha! Yesterday was Thursday not Friday. Oh was a long day! Oh well...TGIF!