Monday, April 4, 2011

#23 Dace Lesson Take Two

First off sorry I have been MIA lately, I've been busy, well...ummm...listening to the live feed and reading the message boards for that Brad Cooper murder trial I told you I was obsessed with.'s a problem...full blown obsession.  I think I am going to have to cut myself off and I hope to write a whole blog post about why later.

So last Thursday I went out with some people from work to celebrate a co-worker's birthday.  We went to The Red Room in downtown Raleigh.  It's a tappas place I had been to once before.  First off, if you go, you must try their mango mojito.  It was SOOO good I had to have three!  The tappas were good too.

But the best part about this experience was they gave a free salsa dancing lesson!  Apparently they do these free salsa lessons every Thursday.

I wasn't going to do it at first.  I am very introverted and self-conscious when it comes to dancing for some reason.  But a guy I work with insisted I go up there and be his partner to learn.  (Don't get any ideas...he's married are most of the guys over 25 in this town.)

It was really fun!  Seriously, I think I want to go back again.

That is one thing I hope my future husband has...the ability to drag me on the dance floor when I don't want to because I am so self-conscious, but it turns in to one of the most unexpectedly fun things ever.  (Ironically the word I wanted to describe 2011 for me was Unexpected!  You can read about that from this post.)

So #23- take a dance lesson, gets a double check mark off the list!

Also #7- run a 5K is about to get a quadruple check off the list this month.  It already has 2 check marks and I am running another one this weekend and a 4th at the end of the month!  I'm thinking about starting a 10K training program after that and maybe doing a half-marathon at some point?  I don't know.  I change my mind daily based on how my runs go.  One day I'll have a terrific run where I feel great and so energized and relaxed from it, and the next I will have a run that makes me want to give up on running for the rest of my life!  Either way, I never thought I'd even be able to finish a 5K and now I'm running 3 miles, 3 times per week!  Who woulda thunk it!?  This list has definitely changed my life :)

Oh, and still no cigarettes!  And I'm off the Nicorette too!  Let's hope I keep it up once Lent is over!


Jennifer M. said...

Yeah I'm pretty introverted too but I have gone salsa dancing once. It was pretty fun! I can't say I was very good at it, but... it was fun to try! :)

Shawny said...

That's great about the 5k! I think you could totally do a 1/2 marathon. It'll be hard, but it's much more manageable than a full marathon.