Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

I wish I wasn't swamped at work and wouldn't have had to work a 12+ hour day to catch up so that I could've come home and had a run with Cam after work.

I wish I had the money to buy a nice chaise lounge chair for my tiny patio, like this one:

I wish I was going to Bonnaroo!  Have you seen the line up of bands that are going to be there?And it looks like a great adventure!  Maybe I should put it on my next list?

I wish I had the money to buy this dress.  I saw it on another blog today.  Isn't it super cute?

Batik Halter Dress- $98
I wish I had more time to blog!  There are so many things in my head I just want to get out and so many adventures to catch you up on, but it's past midnight already and I'm exhausted!  Here's to wishing for some more free time tomorrow!


Kelly McLadd said...

I wish so many of the same things! If you put Bonaroo on your next list, I'll go with you! I've wanted to go since college :)

Jennifer M. said...

Oh boy, I can wear myself out with wishes if I'm not careful! Don't stop dreaming but also be mindful to be content where you are. I know for me that's a hard balance to find.

two birds said...

you should pick one and do it/buy it. you deserve it!! but which one to pick? they are all so great!