Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Working from Home

We got an ice storm last night.  I am so over winter.  Snow is pretty when it is falling and if you don't have to go anywhere, but I am over it now.  I live in the South and we never get this much winter weather and I like it that way.  I hope Old Man Winter has it all out of his system now and maybe even lets us get an early spring.  In my opinion, if it weren't for Christmas, winter should be fired due to it's lack of sunshine, cold weather, and ice storms.

But even though it was icy, I didn't get to enjoy a snow day of doing nothing.  I worked from home.  I'm not complaining because it is better than having to go in to the office, but I don't love working from home like some people might.

Here is where I work when I do work from home:

or here:

which would be ok if it weren't for this:

Cam trying to get in my lap

Cam succeeding to get on my lap and me trying to work on top of him.

Cam  after I kick him off my lap 5 minutes later. pouting.

We repeat this whole routine like once an hour.  I get so mad at him!  He has jumped up on the arm or the chair for attention so many times he made a hole in the slipcover!  I wanted to kill him.  I love him but he does not understand the concept that mommy is working when I am in the living room where we usually spend time relaxing.  

I guess I could work at the dining room table, but I don't.

This is why I need a home office.  I need to turn my spare room in to a place where I can work.  I wanted to set it up as an office/workout room/maybe spare bedroom, but it is not working.  I hate this room so I never go in there.  I use the desk as counter space to store all the stuff I need to go through and file or throw away.  It is a mess.  It is a wobbly cheap desk I bought from Target- one of those that comes in a box and you put it together.  I don't know if I just did not put it together correctly or what but the screws always come lose and the whole thing starts to wobble.  Look at this pathetic mess:

And yes that is a litter box under my desk.  My attempt at hiding it.

Another big eyesore in this room is my treadmill.  It is huge.  But I want the option of being able to work out at home.  I would love to get on the treadmill and watch the TV shows I am discovering through Netflix while I run.  I just bought a small DVD player in hopes of doing this but have yet to set it up because I am just not loving what I have to work with which is a teeny tiny TV on a wobbly tiny stand in a room I hate with an overflowing attempt at a storage area staring me in the face.

I need to re-do this whole room and make it more inviting and a place that I want to go to get things done and be productive- on my treadmill or at my desk.  I would also love to have some type of sleeping option in here for guests.  I think there is room.  Here is the rest of the room:

I have no idea where to even start!  Any suggestions?  How do you make a room an inviting place?


Stephanie said...

Read up on feng shui? That's all I have, besides sell the wobbly stuff and get nicer things. Just take a deep breath, and winter will be over soon. Sorry that you're feeling blah.

Sam said...

Ugh, I'm so over winter too. I love googling images of home decor for inspiration; I have a folder saved on my computer of all the rooms I'm in love with to look at when I finally have my own home! Probably my favorite site is apartmenttherapy.com So many pretty homes!