Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I'm loving Thursday

I finished the Huger Games series in aprox. 1 week. I LOVED it! I am recommending it to everyone I know. I hope to get full reviews posted on my bookshelf blog soon. I am seriously head over heels for these books and cannot wait for the movie. I like it even better than Twilight and it might even beat Harry Potter for me too!  Young Adult books rock my socks off sometimes :)

I always thought this stuff looked nasty, but a friend told me to try it. OMG it tastes like the inside of a truffle! I love it and have been having a little smear on a marshmallow or a graham cracker after dinner every night. I really don’t think it is very healthy, but it’s oh so yummy!

I don’t know why but I am in a Fresca phase right now. It’s so refreshing and won’t keep me up all night.

This recipe I found for mini-pot pies in a jar over on A Whisk and A Prayer. I almost broke out into a cold sweat this week at the mention of preparing meals for a girl in our Bible study who is having surgery. I barely have time or skill enough to cook for myself let alone someone else! But these little things look like they would be the perfect solution. And you could even make them as gifts for people! It’s such a good idea! I almost didn’t want to share it.  It is just so stinking cute I wanted to make it my own little secret!

Also loving this blog that I discovered through Jamie’s blog:
Tons of yummy looking recipes.  I had to stop looking at it actually because it was making me very hungry.  She even has her own list! 100 challenging recipes to make picture to go with this one...

Re-doing my house. I am obsessed. I have this app on my phone called CraigsPro and I look at the furniture for sale by owner almost every single day! I have also been discovering and reading a lot of Home DYI/Decorating blogs. Just today I found a lot of new ones to follow through Thrifty Décor Chick’s “Showing Off” series. I have no money and can’t buy anything right now, but I am determined to make my house what I want, or at least something close.

What are you loving right now???


kristin said...

fresca is freaking fabulous, i am actually drinking one right now!

Miss Meg said...

I love the Hunger Games trilogy. Oddly, I had absolutely no interest in reading it for the longest time and then decided to try it. I couldn't put them down!

Ricarda said...

Nutella is great! in germany everyone knows it an everyone loves it. It's almost essential for german breakfast! :) Enjoy it!!!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i cant wait to try those pot cute!