Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forget the clothes, I want furniture

I have been on this kick wanting to do 5 million things to my house.  Yesterday I fell in love with the wall o' bookcases over on Domestic Goddess and asked her where she got them.  She said she got them at Ballard Designs to check out their stuff.  I am craving so many things from there now! 

Here are just a few:

I have been walking around my house making mental notes of all the things I want to do in my house.  I want to get hardwoods throughout the downstairs.  I want to re-paint everything.  I want to make some updates in the kitchen.  I want to make some valances.  I want to make the office/home gym/guest room something I actually like.  I spent an hour in there just looking around making mental notes and trying to envision things.

But re-doing your house is EXPENSIVE!  First I was trying to save $2,000 to do what I wanted to do.  Then I bumped it up to $5,000.  But now I don't know if that will even do it.  I want a home I love.  I don't want to keep waiting on my husband to show up to finally be able to create something permanent.  I want to buy expensive, sturdy furniture.  Not something that will fall apart in a year.  I am tired of temporary living or thinking "this will do for now".  I'm tired of hand me down mis-matched dishes and a monster of a TV that is almost 20 years old.  I'm tired of waiting for that perfect little family to finally be able to create my HOME. 

But unfortunately that is very difficult to do on a single income.  I'm trying not to keep using that as an excuse.  But really it's not my dream home.  It's a townhouse.  It has no garage.  No yard for Cam to play in.  No rocking chair front porch.  And it never will.  And I can't afford to move.  So should I just deal with it for now and keep waiting?


Angie said...

I TOTALLY hear ya on this post! I am also single and live in a condo and am working to make it a home I love. I just redid my spare bedroom/office and was so happy I took the jump and bought nice furniture instead of cheap stuff to last til I meet my husband. I'm also looking at hardwood floors and other updates in the kitchen. I say go for it!

Domestic Goddess said...

It's really hard to decide what to do in a house. I'm married and I still have to budget out changes. I decided not to buy any clothes till April so I have extra money to put toward house changes I want. Create a list of your top priorities....that will make it not so overwhelming.

I've also found some great deals on good-sturdy furniture at antique / junk malls. The pieces need some TLC when you get them, but they look amazing when you're done!

Good luck!

CJR said...

Oh, man. I've been there. I say pray about it. Ask for guidance as to what is the right move for you right now. Never wait for a husband to come along, but do wait on God for an answer. If you end up staying, make your place what you want it to be. Good luck with your decision!

Maureen said...

Hey Suz
I think its awesome that you own your home! I have only ever rented and I still think you should put your money into FURNITURE and artwork and things you can move later if you ever do, and less into major construction. Like I said, I've only ever rented but I just moved into a new house and before even painting the walls or hanging up artwork, I love it and it feels like home, because I invested in really great furniture. So that's my advice! It totally is expensive! I was lucky to buy a bunch when I had a huge disposible income (no longer) and I've just held on to it. If you're crafty you can totally get good stuff on Cragslist or second hand shops - just have to be patient! Good luck!
Oh, and one more thing, people always think I spent a lot on the things in my house, but a lot of it is from places like target mixed in with some funky pieces from local shops, you'd be surprised how far you can stretch those target items! And curtains and throws and bedspreads etc make a huge huge difference in fancying up a house for cheap! Just my tips for you! :)

heidi said...

Isn't that catalog BEAUTIFUL! I get so many ideas from there...and lots of other bloggers do too, it seems. I love finding someone out there who has taken a Ballard design and DIYed it for super-cheap!!

As for furniture, I also think getting a few bigger, better quality pieces can go a long way. Make yourself comfy and make your place now a HOME but if it's not your "forever home" then you can always save and upgrade for other stuff when you buy your next house. Just my two cents. :)

coors cowgirl 21 said...

OMG !!! loooooooooooooooooving the wall o' shoes

Miss Meg said...

So many pretty home things! I eventually have a post of random home-y type things to post on my blog that I just adore.

I completely understand where you are coming from. I rent at the moment, and I'm trying so hard to get furniture that will last and that's my style... things that will work here or anywhere I end up living. Trying still to figure out my exact style and tastes.

What I've been doing is a lot of dreaming and a lot of bargain hunting. I stock up on gift cards that can be used for even little things around my apartment home. I search for new ideas of cheap-ish DYI things. I'm a big fan of vintage and thrifting as well, so I keep my eyes peeled for good stuff.

The question is can you MAKE your townhouse your dream home? If not... make minor changes that will appease you (even if it's switching towel colors in the bathroom with the seasons) and save up for your "forever after" home :)

Jennifer said...

Those bookcases are so beautiful...I have such a huge weakness for bookcases!

Kelly said...

They make bookcases for shoes? Oh my. Coveting now.