Monday, June 22, 2009

If you plant it, it will grow

This may not have been the most exciting thing on my list, but it provided weeks of excitement for me.

Back in February my secret blog valentine sent me the most thoughtful gift! It was all the tools needed to get started on #17 on my list- Grow a plant:

(I bought the potting soil, but everything else was from my valentine)

I finally got around to planting the seeds at the beginning of April. It took a couple weeks of watering and waiting, but finally somethings started to come up:

After this picture was taken, my plant suffered some challenges. The plant stand it was in was knocked over twice by Cam and once by me in a drunken stupor on the night I lost my job. I had to carefully scoop the dirt and plants back in to the pot each time. I thought they were doomed.

But after more watering and waiting one of them finally bloomed!

There are even more buds that are getting ready to bloom on there now!

This weekend I transferred the plants to my back yard. I planted this one and another plant witty guy had bought me when I lost my job that I have managed to keep alive all this time:

Maybe I don't have a black thumb after all!


Jane said...

What a beautiful flower! :-) Congratulations on marking another thing of your list. I take it this is what the teaser post was making reference to? ;-)

Angela said...

What kind of flower is it??

Suz said...

It's a zinnia plant and it was pretty easy to grow. The package showed lots of different colors and I was really glad this one turned out pink because it is my fav!

Yeah, and that is what the teaser post was referring to. No diaper change yet, but I am going to visit the baby tomorrow, so maybe I will have something else to mark off my list!