Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello Ebay!

I have heard about Ebay. I mean it's been around for years. But I had never used Ebay. I didn't have a PayPal account. I was scared most of the stuff on there was a scam. But witty guy had used Ebay a lot and educated me that it can be a good thing. So I decided to test it out.

First I listed some Nutrisystem food that I still had in my pantry from when I had given that diet a go. It's not exactly the kind of food you crave and I had given up on that diet plan a long time ago so I decided to list a mixed lot of 40 meals on there. And it sold! For $53.09 plus $10.00 shipping! It was so easy.

While I was waiting that week for my food to sell I started perusing what I could possibly buy on Ebay. That's when I got addicted. I had always wanted a pair of designer jeans, but I just couldn't justify in my head spending $200 for a pair of jeans. On Ebay they had designer jeans going for as low as $20!

After getting outbid on 3 different pairs of jeans, I thought maybe it was a sign and I should just give up. But I still had some auctions I was "watching" so I gave it one more try. I waited until there was only 2 minutes in the auction and then started bidding like crazy and I won! I got a pair of Seven for all Mankind Dojo jeans for $61.00. It was more than I wanted to spend and I know I shouldn't be buying designer jeans when I don't have a job, but I wanted them so bad.

My phone had been acting up for the last couple weeks and when I called AT&T they told me they couldn't do anything for me until I tried replacing the battery. If I went to the store to buy a new battery they would probably charge me $20+, so I turned to Ebay. I found a battery shipping from Atlanta for only $6 and bought it right away.

Ahhh...Ebay I just can't quit you!

I still have a pair of Citizen jeans I am watching that are only at $17 right now, so I might try to get those too. And if I had a job I might be bidding on the Dooney and Burke giraffe purse I'm watching too.

Somebody needs to slap me out of this and just scream "Suz...step away from the computer." See this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands.


Katie said...

uh huh. I got the ebay bug a long time ago. If you're addicted to ebay, don't even try going to etsy. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of Ebay, but I am addicted to My only issue with ordering anything online (including Victoria's Secret stuff) is that I hate to wait. Well, and paying for shipping is no fun either. Oh well.

GinSpaghetti said...

If it's an auction, bid during the last 16 seconds... that's what I hear. I've tried at 20 seconds and still been overbid. You can also see who the automatic bidders are if you click... it gets pretty serious. I've only bought a few things off there and haven't had anything to list BUT I wish I did!

I'm currently on the prowl for a cricut machine. So far, lost all of them but only b/c I'm cheap and don't want to pay shipping so I have limited options. Maybe soon!

Anonymous said...

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