Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sharing a Room for a Work Function

I am going to San Francisco at the end of June for a work function (that is if I still have a job by then- damn you economy). I will be there a total of 6 nights for work. The hotel room is not cheap. So in an effort to cut costs my boss informs me that I will have to share a room with my co-worker.

At first I am like “ugh, that sucks.” Then the more I think about it I start to flip out.

I have shared a room with a co-worker for a work function before at my last job, but there were some major differences:

1) We had the option of paying for a single room
2) I got to choose my roommate
3) I choose a girl that I was friends with and hung out with outside of work
4) It was a fun trip filled with fun events not really work
5) It was only for 2 nights
6) There was also the option of not going to the event at all

This time it is completely different.

1) I was not given the choice of roommate
2) I am not “friends” with this co-worker (no non-work interaction)
3) The stress from my job has caused me to develop insomnia and I can’t even fall asleep at home alone in my own bed
4) This show last year almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown because it is VERY stressful and VERY long hours and that was when I had the refuge of my own room
5) This roommate informed me that she snores and I can’t even sleep in the same room with a boyfriend (someone I love and tolerate a lot from) who snores

I can’t do this and it feels totally unfair to be asked to do this. I’m already giving up a weekend and working on Saturday and Sunday and super long 14-hour days. Now I also am being asked to deal with the awkwardness of sharing a room for a week with someone I barely know.

I understand these are tough economic times and cost cutting is important, but how far can an employer ask you to go? And couldn’t we at least discuss this before telling me I will have to share all my personal space with someone and I have no choice or say in the matter?

Also, I was informed of this by email. I think this warrants a face-to-face conversation at least.

After a few hours of freak-out time I did email my boss to inform him I have insomnia and have to take Ambien every night and I really didn't think I could do this. He emailed back and said he understood my concerns and he would see what they could work out. That was almost a week ago and still nothing.

On top of all of this I had planned to go out there a day early and one of my friends was going to come too so we could explore San Francisco. We were going to get our own room on Friday and then move into the company room on Saturday. But now with this roommate situation I don’t know what to do. I’ve already booked my flight leaving Friday AM and booked our own hotel room for Friday night, but now my friend and I would have to share a room on the other nights with this co-worker. That is more awkwardness than I can handle and probably way more than my friend could handle.

I also think about what would happen if I got laid off before then. What if my friend booked her flight? The hotel rooms are both on my personal credit card. Would I be able to get out of that? All this uncertainty is killing me!

I feel screwed. Any suggestions?


Single Girl said...

Ummmm im not sure they can make you share.

I know at least for our company, if you request your own room they have to give it to you. Or ask you not to travel.

Im so sorry! maybe you can switch around and get a better roomie.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Could they go with a more reasonably priced hotel so you can have singles? It doesn't sound like something you can be forced to do. Sharing a room with someone unwillingly definitely crosses some personal boundaries, if not workplace rules.

Anonymous said...

I thought there were legal reasons that kept companies from forcing room sharing. I know at my company everyone was given their own room every time we went away. An engaged couple that was living together had to get permission to share their room. lol.

Leanne said...

I am currently in this same predicament. Our work trip is for a week in April. When we went last fall we all had our own rooms. This time we were informed that do to cost saving measures we would have to share. I am fortunate that I happen to like the person I am to share with. However we would both prefer to have singles. Is it wrong of me to feel that this is forced sharing is wrong. I have no choice but to go on the trip. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself.