Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspired by The Bachelor himself…

Top ten signs that it might not work out with your new boyfriend…

10. When he met you, he was dating 24 other women.

9. Your first date was with him and 4 other girls who he may or may not have kissed in front of you.

8. He was paid to go out with you.

7. Even though you pour your heart out to him, he never tells you how he really feels.

6. Ten minutes after your first kiss, you see him kissing another girl.

5. The night after your first “overnight” date with him, he goes home with another girl.

4. The same day he dumps you, he turns around and proposes to another girl.

3. You get to see the hot tub scene of his soft-core-porn video from the comfort of your living room and realize that the girl he is with isn’t you.

2. He was engaged to his last girlfriend for approximately 4.5 seconds before dumping her on national TV.

1. Five minutes after dumping said ex, he asks you out and then proceeds to suck your face in front of everyone.

I can not even express how upset I am with the Bachelor Jason Mesnick. I was so freaking mad when that “After the Rose” show started. They took me from the highest of highs because my favorite girl, Melissa had won! They looked so happy! Then they smacked me in the face with a bunch of bullcrap.

It was like watching a train wreck. I was screaming at my TV. I was so hoping Molly would tell him he could forget about it. What a jerk!

So let me get this straight, after PROPOSING to poor Melissa, you date her long-distance for a few weeks and then decide to dump her because you can’t stop thinking about this other girl and her mesmerizing eyes? Seriously? Jason, you did what you thought you HAD to do, but just for the record, I would never, ever date you after seeing that.

And to Molly, come on, doesn’t this guy seem a little fickle to you? Sure, he dumped this other girl because he just could not stop thinking about you, but he PROPOSED to that other girl! And he only gave it a few weeks before he decided it just wasn’t going to work out. If I were you, I would think long and hard about committing to a guy like that.

But good luck to you guys. Just know that I do NOT see a Trista and Ryan like happy ending in your future.

BTW, there are a lot of rumors going around on the internet about this all being a set-up. The producers planned the whole thing, etc. You can read more about that here. If that stuff is true, it makes it even more disgusting.

What did you guys think about the whole thing?


Steph said...

I was pissed! Poor Mel, my heart breaks for her. Who "breaks-up" on national tv...couldnt he be more like the others and do it off the air. AND seriously, if this was just a promo stunt, then I may not watch this show anymore (except for Jillian - I heart her). How can you play with people's feelings like that? WTF?

Wani said...

I haven't even watched the show and I'm ticked off at him! What a load of crap! I think the whole concept is ridiculous though. I mean really... who is 100% themselves on a show like that? How can you know someone well enough after a few weeks of superficial bologna to propose to them? And then the cat fights and all that stuff... Its all too much for me.

kristin said...

all of this made me sooooo mad too!!! yeah i was hoping molly would be like "hell no!" i think he had already talked to molly before going on tv anyway. poor melissa! jason sucks!

Single Girl said...

Ok I was BLOWN away with the craziness of it all. I used to LOVE Jason, but now I am just annoyed by him.

Especially after I read this:

Carrie said...

I never watched this show, but have heard about this guy daily from my favorite radio dj. He is a huge jerk, but I can't help but wonder if it was a setup too.

GinSpaghetti said...

Yeah, do it! It's hilarious!

magda said...

Of all the bachelors I've watched (and there have been many), I skipped this one, which is seeming like either a really good or a really bad idea. SO MAD at Molly, first of all. Doesn't she know she deserves better? Is her confidence really that low? And SO MAD at Jason. What a creep. I think it's a sick devolution that show has taken, and I wonder if I'll ever watch again.