Monday, March 9, 2009

And the winner is...


Congratulations and thanks for playing everyone! Email me your address Heidi and I'll get that gift certificate in the mail to you!

I used this nifty thing called random number generator to pick the winner:
Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 5
Result: 3

So to other news...Mondays are supposed to be Mondays, but I am scared to continue writing about my experiences. Dating is tricky ya'll. People's feelings are involved and in the beginning of getting to know someone it is kind of hard for me to know exactly how I feel.

I could crack you up with stories about my adventures in dating, but it would probably be at someone else's expense (the poor guys, because ya'll know I am close to perfect on dates!) And since I can't guarantee that these guys will never read this blog (they could be cyber-stalking me as we speak) I am hesitant to put this stuff out there.

It would help because I could really use the advice on some situations, but is it better just to keep this part of my life private until there is something stable to share?

I felt like I was censoring myself so much anyway, that the Mondays posts were getting really boring. Should I just give them up all together?


Single Girl said...

SAD, I wanted to win.

And I think when it comes to the dating stuff, its a hard call.

You don't want to poke fun at someone else’s expense. At the same time, it would make for a GREAT read, nice to think it out and all that stuff.

You could do a happy medium, post about the craziness when you know you won't be going out with that potential suitor again...just an idea.

jake said...

haha first time reading but its a long shot these guys are reading your blog! plus you can spill some fun stories w/o being too specific! :)