Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Small Town Mountain Girl

Sometimes I miss my hometown. I LOVE my little hometown of Morganton, NC. I always tell my mom how thankful I am for her and my dad moving there (if they wouldn’t have I would have grown up in Durham…talk about a different childhood experience!)

Life is different in a small town. There is only one high school team to root for. You can get anywhere in town in less than 10 minutes. You have small downtown arts and crafts festivals throughout the year. My town wasn’t so small that you knew everyone you passed on the street, but there was a good chance everyone you met knew someone you knew.

There are more local restaurants and less boring chain establishments in a small town. I loved places like the Emporium (RIP) where the walls were covered in quirky local abstract artwork. Or Judges, which is right on the Catawba River and instead of lousy elevator music and loud conversations around you, your meal is accompanied by the soothing rushing sounds of the water and your table is lit by the stars.

That was another great thing about Morganton. Life was best lived outdoors. From Lake James to the Greenway along the Catawba River. From Table Rock to the Linville Gorge. Everywhere you turned you were reminded of God’s beauty and grace through the landscape. The stars weren’t dimmed out by neon lights. The air even smelled different. The horizon line was gorgeous.

I miss Morganton. I miss the quaint downtown streets that would be lit up with the most adorable Christmas lights. I miss parades. Not the massive professional parades of the big city, but small town parades you could ride your bike in. I miss not being afraid to be out at night. I miss camping. I miss hanging out instead of going out. I miss nature. I miss an easier way of life. I miss the Burke County Fair.

The county fair is something much different than the humongous State Fair that is starting in Raleigh this week. We might not have had fried snickers, but you could at least walk around without getting claustrophobic and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to go. In fact, I remember going multiple times to the Burke County fair while it was in town. I got to ride every ride and even try my luck at some carnival games. Here I’ll be lucky to see the pig races and try a funnel cake for less than $20.

But I am a city girl now. It was confirmed at the Sugarland concert in Roanoke Rapids this weekend with my aversion to the non-pretty people and abundance of camouflage. By my reaction to the open field instead of a “real” amphitheater and lack of “real” bathrooms or food facilities. It was confirmed. I do like city life. I like having 4 huge malls instead of just one wally-world. I like going to professional hockey games instead of the local pee-wee football game. I like having a plethora of upscale restaurants and bars to choose from. I like having a Target or Starbucks everywhere I turn. I like having so much at my fingertips. I have been spoiled.

But I’ll always be a small town mountain girl in my heart!

P.S. You know what else I miss? The 80’s…no, not really, but this video is freaking H-I-larious and just the little pick-me-up I needed on my Manic Monday yesterday, so I’m sharing it with you! I give you "Very Literal 80's Video"

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