Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Hodge-Podge

Today is Halloween. At my new job, my “team” had a hard time getting our act together, and I am embarrassed by our costume, so I’ll share with you this pic from Halloween two years ago when my department won first place!

We were a trailer park! We even had decorations in the hallway/cubicles and everything. This year my team is dressed as a bag of skittles. Each person has a different colored shirt with the letter “S” on it. Lame, huh? Well I was even more lame because I lost my "S" and my shirt so I dressed up as the Easter Bunny (AKA- I put on a pair of bunny ears and drew whiskers on my cheeks.) So there are 4 skittles and the Easter Bunny. The other departments are so creative and put on skits. I am really embarrassed. But don’t worry, I’ll make up for it when I go as a mime to the annual Hikey Halloween Party tonight.

Now for some random thoughts...

-Does it seem like we skipped fall? Seriously, it feels like it went from the 80’s to the 30’s overnight. I hate winter. I hate being cold. I hate not being able to wear flip-flops. I hate how it is dark by the time I get off work. (Counting down the days until summer!) I flippin hate winter!

-I am sick of all this political crap. I am sick of my friends spamming me with stupid untrue political crap on Facebook. I am sick of the political junk mailings. I hate the signs everywhere. I hate the political ads. I am ready for this to be over. I flippin hate the political bullcrap.

-I hate shots. I had my flu shot on Wednesday and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was hyperventilating, sweating, dizzy and my heart was pounding. I don’t look at any of the needles and keep my eyes focused on the door. I start singing the Greek alphabet in my head. “Just a little prick”. Yeah right! That crap hurt! The poke hurt, the medicine going in hurt, and 2 days later it still hurts! And the bad thing is I think I am overdue for my tetanus shot. I flippin HATE shots!


-I LOVE this little black dress! Do I love it $98 worth? Probably not.

-Ever since I went to their concert the Sugarland CD has been in repeat in the little beetle-bug. My favorite is #17 which is actually a Matt Nathanson song called “Come on Get Higher”. (but shhh I like the Sugarland version better!)

-I used to HATE diet drinks, but I think they have improved diet drink technology over the last couple years. Now I love Coke Zero more than regular Coke. I love waking up to a Diet Mt. Dew caffeine rush. And there’s nothing like a frosty cold diet Root Beer. They also came out with a great diet drink this year called TAVA. The black cherry tastes just like a cherry soda! I also LOVE this Diet Cranberry Juice from Oceanspray. The regular is great, but the cran-grape version is da-bomb!

Tomorrow I start my 30 days of blogging in November. I have to blog everyday to be a part of NaBloPoMo. Plus it will challenge me to write more and hopefully make some more progress on The List. (Only 5 more weeks until the 5K and I am FREAKING out. I think I need a new training plan!)

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