Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fashion (or lack thereof)

I wore open-toed shoes yesterday. The high was only 60 degrees and the low was in the 30’s. It is not summertime anymore and I need to get the appropriate clothing to face these elements. Most of what I could get by with is at least 3-4 years old. I only have one pair of closed-toe shoes in black (boots that are falling apart) and one pair of closed-toe shoes in brown (which are also falling apart). I have some long-sleeved shirts and maybe two sweaters and I am wearing the same thin Old Navy work pants that I have been wearing all year- which are also somewhat frayed on the bottom due to the fact that I am border-line midget height and the petite sizes are still too long. I guess it’s time I found a good tailor (and a money tree) to avoid this in the future.

One thing I do have is cute coats. I got my first pea coat about 7 years ago and I was in love. Cute coats are just the best. They are just so darn expensive for a really good, quality one that fits well. And even though that is the one piece of winter clothing I am not lacking of, it is the only thing I am drawn to in every catalog and website that I visit. I must resist the urge to drop all of my winter clothing money on an item I don’t even need!

So, I am going to start with the shoes. This is because A) I can’t make it by on these shoes much longer before they fall apart and B) no matter how much my weight fluctuates, my shoe size remains the same so I don’t have to worry about buying a whole new shoe wardrobe when I get in “the best shape of my life” (yeah, #1 on this list is looking to be the most difficult and time consuming one of all!).

I am having a shoe struggle however. I used to never ever wear anything without a heel (being a border-line midget and all). I resisted the Rainbow craze forever simply because I didn’t care how comfy they are, I need a heel dad-gum it! Then this summer I gave in. I live in those stupid shoes now. In fact I never realized how much pain my feet were actually in from constant heel-abuse until I wore the Rainbows for about a month. Now every time I wear anything else my feet hurt. And I don’t like it.

I have been browsing online and have seen some cute stuff, but now that my feet know what it is like to be comfortable I am afraid they will reject anything that isn’t just the perfect fit, and you can’t tell that from a website. I guess I am going to have to try to squeeze in a little shopping on my 30-minute lunch breaks. (Is that even possible?)

But I need some advice- now that I am looking for new shoes, should I stick to trying to find something cute in my old shoe crush style- the wedge, or do I venture into flat territory? Any other suggestions on some winter-friendly/work-friendly footwear?


Steph said...

Need I even comment? Wedge/Heels

Melissa said...

I know this is going to sound retarded but, Dr. Scholls has some really neat wedgey heels, Crocs even makes a heel now. Both extremely comfortable and stylish to boot. May be worth looking into and will save you on the heel pain. My hairdresser wears the Crocs and my pediatrician the Dr. Scholls and I drool over them every time I take the girls to the doctor.

Hollie said...

this post really just made me want to go shopping because i have nothing to wear in the cold.
i love wedges but have really found that flats are my new friends as well.

Brooklyn said...

Well flats IS the new craze this season...

They have cute flats everywhere now. I'm not a good person to ask because I hate heels. If need be for height, I'd say wedges over heels any day.