Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hilarity Ensues

So today in the blogging world I was reminded of some of my most craziest moments ever. I won’t elaborate on all these events, but here are some tidbits from my crazy 20something adventures for your reading enjoyment! (Mom if you are reading this, it was nothing really…I don’t drink THAT kids do this stuff sometimes unfortunately)

-I once fell asleep on the floor of a hotel room of some HOT Canadians that my friend and I met at the beach. We wanted to record this moment with the HOT Canadians with a cute picture that night. When the pictures were developed we realized what we thought were pillows we were laying our heads on was actually a huge pile of the HOT Canadian’s dirty laundry. So gross.

-I once hugged a tree in the font yard of our house across from campus for what might have been close to an hour one night…it kept me from falling over!

-A friend and I decided to rest for a few minutes walking back from downtown one night in a nice comfy yard. Our relaxation was ripped away from us when friend #2 informed us (by laughing and pointing) that we were “passed out” in the Chancellor’s yard!

-I once had to leave a Career Fair early because I wasn’t feeling well. I had to have my classmate pull over on the way home and threw up pineapple chunks (from the Career Fair breakfast buffet- bad, bad idea) behind the bushes in front of the Brewster Building on campus. I think some passer-bys might have been laughing at me.

-After a night of Power Hour for my roommate’s birthday, I had to be taken to Urgent Care to be re-hydrated and to stop me from throwing up. (I took on 3 bags of fluid in less than an hour) The doctor asked me if I was in college and I said yes- somehow that made it acceptable? (at which point my friends started giggling uncontrollably and corrected me by telling the doctor no, I was not a college student. I had graduated 4 years ago.)

-During a Manager’s Meeting at work, the VP of our department offered to buy me a drink. I was so excited…the upper-ups want to hang out with me! That is until the bartender asked for my ID (at our WORK function…seriously…we don’t have any underage managers). All I had on me was my room key. I should have said “Oh that’s ok, I’ll have a Coke.” But no, I hauled my butt all the way back up to my room to retrieve my ID and returned 20 minutes later looking for my free drink.

Just for some balance, how about some non-alcohol related funny moments...

-On one of our first dates, my ex-boyfriend took me back to his place and proceeded to show me his wedding album- something he got to keep in the divorce. Um…awkward turtle…no…awkward elephant! And unfortunately I was completely sober for this.

-Just recently I accidentally locked my cat in a closet for almost an entire weekend.

-In third grade, when I transferred to public school, a boy asked me if I would "Go with him". I said "Go Where?" (I didn't know the slang term for boyfriend/girlfriend was "going with each other"...I didn't get asked that question again for 2 years- which is a long time when you are in elementary school!)

Well, that’s enough for one day. I assure you my friends (you know who you are) have WAY worse stories, but I don’t want to embarrass them here. And I know that this post might make me sound like a drunk, I’m not- REALLY! If you consider that these things happened over the course of 7 (or more) years, it’s not so bad- REALLY! Thank goodness I have (somewhat) outgrown these hijinks!

Don't be a Jonze!


Steph said...

I want some Chicken Mc'Nuggets...We all have our stories. I am glad to have shared some of mine (and yours) with you.

Ben said...

Excellent post :)