Monday, August 2, 2010

Unexpected Weekend

Sorry for the delay in getting to the fun stuff I did in Dubai.  I had an unexpected house guest on Friday. 

The longtimer- my high school/college, longest relationship ever boyfriend came up to visit- the one who was engaged...yeah that one.  He called a couple times before I left for Dubai (including the day before to tell me to be safe).  He broke off the engagement with that girl because he said he wasn't ready a couple months ago.  He called the day I got back from Dubai and I told him about planning to go to the beach this weekend and asked if he wanted to come.  (My 2 besties had plans, and the beach is so much more fun when you share it, so why not ask.)

He gave me the typical, yeah we'll see answer that he ALWAYS gives (even when we were together- he has commitment issues). He did not go to the beach with me, but he did end up coming to see me on Friday.

It was weird. Being around someone you know but don't. Someone who knows you but doesn't. We didn't do anything grand. Just hung out and got a pizza and watched a movie and TV. Really boring. But that is him. I would have rather went out and showed him around Raleigh. I did drag him to one of my favorite breakfast spots- The Flying Biscuit in the morning so I could get the oatmeal pancakes I had been craving for months!

We talked about lots of things. We noticed mannerisms in each other that hadn't changed. There was nothing there though except friendship- not that I thought there would be which is why it was safe to see him I thought. He said he probably would end up marrying that girl he broke off the engagement with eventually (which I do not get- why break up with her then?) It was good to see him, but weird at the same time.

Saturday Cam and I drove to the beach. It was cloudy and rainy, so we just watched TV and hung out on the balcony to watch the waves. I LOVED it because I miss my cable. I caught up with Kourtney and Clhoe in Miami, The Jersey Shore, Project Runway and even caught an episode of True Blood!

Sunday we got a chance to go out on the beach. Cam had been on the beach at night before, but never during the day, and never had I let him off leash to play in the waves. He loved it! He kept trying to eat the waves and kept barking at them. He had so much fun!

But he did learn that if you drink too much ocean water you will have explosive diarrhea on the beach which will embarrass the crap out of your mom and get you 2 baths later that day.

Back to work today, but I will try to post about Dubai tonight (with more pictures!!)


Jen said...

I love Cam's expressions! He is so adorable. I've been wanting to take Ruby to the beach. Next time you go, give me a call.

Anonymous said...

That pic is too cute. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I too enjoy Kourtney and Khloe, it's so silly, but I am still addicted. :)

Have never watched True Blood, but you are the second person this week that has mentioned it, so I might just have to give it a try.

Great blog, I just love your colours, so inviting and girly. Cute! :) Have a good week.