Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bachelorette made me SWOON!

First of all I can not not comment on The Bachelorette! Chris and Roberto were both AMAZING guys! Chris was my favorite until tonight. But Roberto was amazing tonight. Roberto and Ali kissing in the rain...AHHHHH...see there is a reason that is on my list! And Roberto's proposal? I LOVED it! I would give anything to find the guy that feels about me like that and would say those things to me! My future husband should watch that and take notes! I even loved how he whispered "be my wife" as he knelt down. I want that!

Ok, back to regularly scheduled programming...

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED it. It was so romantic. I loved Roberto tonight, he was such a sweetheart. And, what do you think about Bora Bora, gorgeous huh?!? Would love to vacation there someday.