Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marking #8 off my List at Wild Wadi waterpark

When I originally put #8 on my list I thought it was going to take me getting down to a size zero to run around having fun in a bikini at a water park, but God had another plan.

When I found out we were going to a water park- Wild Wadi - one day while we were in Dubai I was not thrilled.  First of all I am in the worst shape of my life probably (pretty ironic considering the #1 thing on my list is to get in the best shape of my life) and second of all we were required to wear once pieces (I didn't even own a one piece!) and third of all  the sun is blazing hot in Dubai.  How was I even going to survive a water park without turning in to a lobster?!

Well first I splurged on a great one piece. This one was like $80 after I found it on sale (Macy's has it for even cheaper right now!).

I LOVE this suit! I love stripes. I love the green with the white with the navy. And I love that it looks like a tankini. It fits well even though I do have to tie the neck strap kind of tight, but all swim suits are like that for me.

Despite having a great suit, I was still nervous about being out and about all day in it. But for some reason it wasn't that bad. I think it was because you saw just about everything when it came to attire at Wild Wadi. Most people were in the "appropriate swimwear" of tankinis and one pieces, but some of the local women even wore their black robes in the water. Then you'd also see some Europeans in what I would even call very inappropriate swimwear.

But for some reason no one really seemed to notice or care what anyone was wearing here. It just wasn't a big deal.  Most of the people there were not dressed to get noticed, they were dressed just to have fun and be comfortable.

The only people I really noticed as far as attire were this super-skinny-anorexic-skeleton in a bikini (seriously you could see every bone in her body- she had an issue) and then another girl who was wearing a thong and had a tattoo on her butt. It was very apparent that she wanted to be noticed and it was gross.

After the initial uncomfortableness of being in a bathing suit in public, I just forgot about it. I just went with the flow. I even went on what I like to call the slide-of-death:

I know some of you like really tall slides that drop you straight down, but I hate them. I had never even been on one. But this one fooled me because it had a series of "humps" before it plunged you to your death. I just closed my eyes and tried not to throw up and my stomach tried to jump out of my throat and my bathing suit was practically ripped off my body (all the slides gave the biggest wedgies ever!).

But really it was a great day. Almost all the other slides were connected by this lazy river thing and each time you went around you could pick different slides to go down. We must have went around 10 times! My favorite was the Tunnel of Doom which was pitch black. They had these lifeguards guide your float to each slide and they were super nice and fun!

They also had a great relaxing lazy river with this huge waterfall you go under that felt like getting a massage!

But yeah, the day was so fun and I didn't feel self conscious or like I was being judged at all.

It was great!

But I still want to get back in to bikini shape by next summer!


Sam said...

How much fun! That's great that everyone was there to have fun and not judge. I'm always self conscious in a swim suit too, good for you for letting that go and just having a great time!

Shoshanah said...

I love lazy rivers in general, but the fact that this one took you to all the rides is a great idea. They need to add something like that at American water parks