Monday, December 28, 2009

Find a Doctor You Trust- CHECK!

I put this on my list because I haven't had a steady doctor since my pediatrician. Most of the time I would just go to the Minute Clinic when I got sick. Whenever I filled out a form that asked for my Primary Care doctor, I would just leave it blank. I totally forgot that "doctor" includes a primary care doctor, gyno, eye doctor, and dentist!

I moved around so much the last few years that I just didn't feel settled enough to go find a permanent one. But after I had been in Raleigh a while I thought it was time to get my doctors in order.

It is HARD to find a new doctor, new hairdresser, new dentist, new mechanic, etc. when you move to a new town. It takes research (I used a lot), asking everyone you know if they know of anyone, and some trial and error on your own.

I have found my full line-up now though:

Doctor: Meredith Barbour of Duke Medicine in Brier Creek

Before I found Dr. Barbour, I went to a really old male doctor near the hospital and a younger male doctor near my old workplace. I didn't like the first two because they did not listen to me or ask the right questions. It was like I waited around forever just to be rushed out. I just did not get a good vibe from them at all.

I found Dr. Barbour partly through a referral from a friend and another referral from a co-worker for that practice and a search on my insurance provider's "Dr. Search". I like Dr. Barbour because she is near my house. Getting one near your workplace may seem like a good idea so you can pop in during your lunch break, but you have more control over where you live than where you work. If you don't work at that location anymore, than that convenient location isn't so convenient anymore. I just make my appointments for early in the morning or last thing in the afternoon so I can pop in on my way home.

Dentist: Dr. Ben Britt

I've already told you how much I love Dr. Britt here. He really is great and his office is always so fast. I am in and out of there in no time! And did I mention the massaging chairs? He is also near my house for the same reasons I mentioned above. Before I found Dr. Britt, I had been to 3 other dentists in Raleigh that I all hated. So I'm glad I finally found someone I like.

Eye Doctor: Eye Care Associates

I'm not too picky about my eye doctors because I have gotten so used to the routine. The only reason I go is to get my contacts. Your prescription is only good for a year, so when you run out, you are forced to go have your eyes examined again. Eye Care Associates have multiple locations across the Triangle, so there is always one close by. And during the summer you can get a free pair of sunglasses with your purchase!

Gyno: Dr. Karen Roane

You want me to undress completely? You have to put that where? You are going to SCRAPE some cells off?! I mean I dread this one more than anything. I had been to another gyno near my old workplace that my boss had actually recommended, but now that location wasn't convenient. So, I went to Dr. Roane at the end of last year, and she was ok. I went back a few weeks ago and the one thing I found that I love about her is she is quick. The whole exam is over in less than 5 minutes and is pretty painless. She is nice enough and chit chats with you while she does the exam to keep your mind off it. So that works for me. (I did have a male gyno while I was in Greenville that I loved, so as you can see I am not partial to one gender or the other.) Another good thing is she is in the same office building as my dentist. So if I ever wanted to knock out 2 in one day, it would be pretty easy.

Overall I trust all these doctors and hope I can stick with them for a long, long time.

I also found a good hair stylist- Carly at Who Does Your Hair? and a good mechanic- Westgate Imports, in case you were curious.

And I found the best source for finding these service providers is through word of mouth. (Although I did find my dentist through a direct mailer he did to my neighborhood.) Basically though you just have to be patient and try a few out until you find the one that fits you best.

Do you find it difficult to find service providers- like doctors, hair stylists, etc.?


JMay said...

This reminds me I need to do all my check-ups and appointments for the year :-)

I don't think I find it difficult to find good practitioners but affordable ones are the problem.

Cute blog btw :-)

Jen the Beachbum said...
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Jen the Beachbum said...

Well, if you ever need an emergency mechanic, Jeremy can fix almost anything. I don't like my doctor, and I haven't yet found a dentist down here. I did find a hairdresser. :)

Jane said...

Congratulations on completing an item from your 30 Before 30 List! :-) I am like you, and am extremely picky about my service providers. My primary care doctor retired several years ago, and I only recently started seeing my parent's physician regularly. I have been going to the same dentist since I was ten-years-old, and I have had the same gynecologist since I was 19. As you can imagine, I don't even want to think about what would happen if I moved! :-D

Shoshanah said...

I've been living in Louisiana for over 3 years now and still don't have that all figured out. I have a gnyo and dentist, but none of the rest. Although I did go to the eye doctor at Target, and next time I need contacts will probably go back.