Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Mom Said Don't Talk to Strangers

The weirdest thing happened last night. I was at Target shopping with witty guy and we were looking at the bathing suits on the 30% off rack (I have no idea why because I am no where near bikini ready, but I just can’t resist looking.) Anyway, this girl comes up and starts looking on the other side of the rack. Then she gets closer and closer and strikes up the following conversation:

Girl: “Oh, did you go to ECU?” (I was wearing one of my very old Zeta shirts)

Me: (Smiling) “Oh, (looking down at my shirt) yeah I did” (awkward pause) “Did you go there too?”

Girl: “Oh, no” (long awkward pause while she stands there smiling) “Did you like it?”

Me: (a little confused) “Yeah it was really nice. I did like it.” (still smiling and friendly)

Girl: (to witty guy) “Did you go there too?”

Witty Guy: (a little surprised and confused) “Oh, uh, no I’m from out of state”

Girl: “Oh, ok…” (more staring and smiling and nodding)

Me: (wanting to escape this awkward moment turning to Witty Guy) “Do you like this one?” (holding up a swimsuit and ignoring the girl)

She lingered a little longer as we discussed the pros and cons of the swimsuit, but eventually she got the point and walked away.

After a few minutes I said to witty guy “Was that just really weird?” He was like “uh YEAH!” We discussed why this random girl might have decided to strike up a very random conversation with us and just felt more freaked out and confused by it. I mean I thought maybe she went to ECU too or somehow I knew her from somewhere but really that conversation was going no where and just felt weird! We walked around the store for the rest of the time trying to avoid running in to her again.

I did have to give her props for starting up a conversation with a random stranger, but still it was weird. I would never walk up to some couple shopping and try to start up a random conversation without some kind of point. In fact, I have a pretty big wall up when it comes to strangers. I can manage light conversation and friendliness, but until I get to know you and trust you, I will keep you at arms length. Some people may call it being shy. To some people it may come off as being stuck-up or a little bitchy. But I can’t help it. It takes a little while to gain my trust and have me open up to you.

How about you? Do you talk to strangers?


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I'm the same way. People usually think I'm shy or stuck up but I'm really not. Just cautious in making new friends.

Moonjava said...

Yep, that's a little weird! I'd probably do the same as you. On very very rare occasions do I even talk to complete strangers and I never strike up a conversation myself.

B said...

I talk to strangers all the time....even more after working with the public.

Look at it this way - maybe she is shy and had it on her "30 list" to be bold and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Although - that was a random conversation ;-)

Melissa Leeanne said...

Though sort of awkward, it doesn't sound too creepy! Usually when I have strangers talking to me it is a drunk homeless man telling me he'll treat me well.

Well, some people are just lonely. Maybe she was interested in going to ECU?

Or maybe she is just crazy and was planning on offering candy next.

Lindsey said...

I am trying to be more open when people talk to me in stores (although, nothing weird like that has happened). my friends have told me that i have a certain get-the-f-away-from-me look which is why sales people and random people avoid me. but, i am trying to look more friendly. i hope no one ever talks to me while bathing suit shopping, though.

scuzie said...

I'm ok talking to strangers but I still keep them at arm's length. I would never strike a conversation that wasn't going anywhere though...