Friday, April 24, 2009

L.I.F.E.- List Idea Friday Everyone

This one isn’t from the book, but just something I think would be a good thing to put on your life list:

“Own and/or Drive a Convertible”

Today is the last day I can call myself a convertible owner. For the past four years I have been leasing a VW New Beetle Convertible. I wanted a “fun” car to enjoy while I was still young and had no kids to haul around. I decided to lease the car because I knew I did not want it forever.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with the experience because VW’s seem to have a never-ending problem with the check engine light and because the lease caused me to almost obsessively watch my mileage (I'm glad I had the 4Runner to alternate with or else I would have been WAY over the miles). It also didn’t help today when I had to have the car “inspected” for any extra wear and tear and they gave me a summary of the report estimating $892.26 worth of repairs that needed to be done (for a cracked front fender and some minor scratches on both of the rims on the passenger side where I brushed up against a curb.) The guy said it wasn’t an invoice and he didn’t know how much of that VW would be charging me, if any, but I will have to go home and carefully review my contract and give them a call to discuss that because almost $900 is crazy!

I will seriously miss that car. It was so relaxing to put the top down on nice days and drive the back roads home from wherever I was coming from. It is a totally different driving experience. Cam loved it too. At first I was scared he would jump out, but he never even tried. Riding with that top down was like the ultimate “stick your head out the window” experience for him.

The car was so zippy because of the turbo and was very fun to drive. I would describe it as “cute” when the top was up, but “hot” when the top was down. It had an automatic top, so if I decided to put down the top at a stop light, I could very easily.

I’m glad I got to own and drive a convertible for four years. I would highly recommend adding it to your list! I'll miss you beetle bug!

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Shoshanah said...

I like the idea of a convertible. But whenever I am in one, I hate having my hair blowing everywhere.