Monday, January 7, 2013

Dame's Chicken & Waffles

I had been wanting to try Dame's Chicken & Waffles for a while now.  I had plans to go a few times but they always fell through.  Finally on Saturday I got to try it out!

Dame's is in downtown Durham kind of near the DPAC and ballpark.  I love downtown Durham.  I would rather go to downtown Durham than downtown Raleigh any day.  Every time I go it seems to get cuter and cuter and has so much more of a laid back feel than Raleigh.  Yes sometimes I take a wrong turn and feel like I am in the hood and fear for my life, but I think most of that is all in my head due to Durham's bad rep.

We made reservations but were about 20 minutes early so we had to wait.  I highly recommend making a reservation if you plan on eating here.  Dame's space is tiny.  We had to stand in the back hallway near the bathrooms for our wait and it was very cramped with a big family with two young kids waiting back there with us.  I was claustrophobic and so thankful when we were seated.

Dame's menu is mainly all about the chicken and waffles.  They did have a few other options but very limited.    They are famous for their shmears.  Shmears are this wonderful butter concoction that has been whipped with different flavors.

The food was so good!

Top left: What a Classy Hen?  For the mo’ distinguished! A chicken cutlet, a Classic waffle, Vanilla & Almond Shmear

Bottom left: A Quilted Buttercup. We “sandwiched” a Chicken cutlet b/w two petite Sweet Potato Waffles w/ Maple-Pecan Shmear

Top Right: Triple Cheese & Macaroni.  This was slap your momma good!

Bottom Right: You can't see it but their logo is super cute.  It is a waffle that looks like a chicken.

I also tried their Spicy Mean Greens which were really good too.

One thing I will say is that service wasn't the best.  I think they only had two servers working so it was a long wait before anyone even came to our table and a few times we ran out of water and had to flag someone down.  I don't think it was the servers fault because he had so many other tables, but they should probably up their staffing so people get prompt service.

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Allison said...

I've been wanting to try Dames! It all looks so good! I'll definitely have to check it out.
And I agree about Dtown Durham vs Dtown Raleigh. But I am a Durham native! hehe