Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obsessed with Coconut!

It all started when Amber tweeted about being obsessed with these coconut popsicles.  I LOVE coconut and they sounded heavenly so I asked her what kind.  Ladies and gentlemen...these are awesome!

They are only 120 calories and so yummy!  I also love the strawberry ones Edy's makes too and those are only 80 calories.  I tried the Pineapple too but was not a fan of those.

I also have been rushing to work the past couple days and got lazy and stopped at Dunkin' Donuts 4 times in the past 2 weeks.  Big mistake.  I always get the same thing- a medium caramel iced coffee and a toasted coconut doughnut.  The stupid doughnut has 300 calories and the iced coffee is 260 calories!  Ouch!  I don't even want to know how much sugar that lovely breakfast has.  I need to rule out the Dunkin Donuts stops ASAP!
At home, I put some coconut air fresheners in my wallflowers and I swear for the first 2 weeks it smelled like walking in to a tropical vacation every time I walked in to my house.  I can't remember if they were the Island Colada or the Vanilla Coconut ones from Bath and Body Works so I just ordered both because they were on sale for their Semi-Annual sale!

I also got 3 different kinds of coconut shower gel and a coconut air freshener for my car!  Along with some other stuff.  I got 14 things for about $50!  Awesome sale!  You should check it out!

Are you loving coconut too this summer?  What other coconut things should I know about?


Millie said...

I get in the same routine every now and then...stopping for Chick-fil-a or Dunkin in the mornings. They are so bad but so good!

Heather said...

Have you tried the Almond Joy coffee creamer? OMG, it's so good!