Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kayking for the first time!

I finally marked something else off my list this weekend!  #9- kayak- is DONE!  I don't know why it took me so long to do this one.  One of my friends from my small group said she was interested in trying it so I was like YES! Lets GO!  I had been waiting for a friend to do this with. So excited to finally mark it off my list!

It ended up being four of us.  We ended up going with Frog Hollow Outdoors and did the West Point Millpond Impoundment one on the Eno River in Durham.  None of us had been there before but it was really nice.  We went around noon and when we got there we drove around and finally saw a tent set up with some kayaks.  It was only $18 each for 2 hours which was just perfect.

We each got our own kayak.  We paddled upstream to start, but it was very easy, very flat, and hardly any current to paddle against.  It was so relaxing!  We just chatted and lazily paddled along.  We all talked about how this would be the perfect date.  It's relaxing and you can talk, but you have something to do too so not super awkward.

We got to a spot we could not paddle through because of the rocks and it was so shallow, so we pulled our boats up on the shore and walked a short way to this neat swimming hole.

We hung out at the swimming hole for a while.  Some guys from Durham Fire and Rescue were there getting a lesson in how to save people from rapids. We watched them get their lesson for a while, floated in the water a little, and ate some snacks while we hung out on the rocks to dry off.

When we got back to our boats there was a couple in a canoe trying to navigate through the shallow water and they were getting nowhere.  We tried to tell them it was too shallow, but the guy was bound and determined to make it work.  He even stated yelling at his poor date in the back about how they should do it.  So lesson learned- Get your own boats just in case you are with a hard-headed guy so you can pull your boat on shore and just let him try to prove his point without getting yelled at.

We paddled back downstream  (more like floated).  It was so relaxing!  The prefect weather, perfect surrounding, perfect company!

Frog Hollow Outdoors has many other kayaking options and now I want to try them all.  There is also a company in Raleigh- Paddle Creek- That has a wine tasting and a moonlight kayak trip that I want to do too (especially with a boy I like!)  Definitely something I will be doing again!


luckyannette said...

Sounds like a blast! This one is still on my bucket list and I need to check it off soon :)

Miss Finn said...

Now I wish I had Kayaking on my list! Looked awesome - well done! Another ticked off... I have a long way to go x