Monday, April 9, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I've been sick.  I started feeling off last Sunday.  Then woke up with a sore throat on Monday.  Progressively got worse during the week.  I worked from home Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I thought it was just a cold and so I didn't go to the doctor. 

Over the weekend I got worse.  So I went to the doctor this morning.  The doctor didn't say exactly what I had.  She said my tonsils were swollen but I didn't have strep.  She said my body was definitely fighting something though so she gave me some drugs to hopefully knock this bad boy out!  Almost $50 at Walgreens, I came home with all this...

The worst part about this sickness is my throat.  I sound like crap.  I can barely talk and have these horrible coughing fits.  The doctor gave me these prescription cough suppressant pills.  I've never seen anything like them...

They look like little marbles.  And so far they work pretty well.

I HAVE to get better!  My first half marathon is on Sunday!!  I haven't ran since last Monday.  I was planning on doing 11 miles on Sunday but I just couldn't because I could barely breathe from this cold!  I am going to try to do 4 miles tonight and then 8 on Wednesday and maybe 3-4 on Thursday.  This freaking sucks!  I feel so unprepared and this dang cold better get better ASAP or else I definitely won't make it to the finish line!

Ok rant over :(

I hope you guys had a great Easter weekend!  I was at church Friday for a choir concert, Saturday to help out in Kid's Life (probably should NOT have done that) and attend service, and then back on Sunday to help with First Impressions and baptisms.  It was such a good weekend reflecting on the blood that was shed for me and the victory and power of the resurrection!  And the weather over the last few days has been just beautiful and I got to enjoy some time outside just relaxing. Despite the sickness it really was a great weekend. Hallelujah He has risen indeed!


Jennifer M. said...

Sad! I hope you are feeling better soon!!! That would suck to miss your marathon because you were sick. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no...I hope you feel better before your race!

And you're right. He is risen, indeed! :)

Shoshanah said...

That sounds so miserable. I hope your starting to feel better than that you're feeling well enough to run your half marathon this weekend.