Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- Cake in a mug FAIL!

Time for another Pinterest Inspired Wednesday.  I pinned this a long time ago.  I am always looking for easy, simple recipes for the single girl and this seemed like a dream come true.  A single serving of cake!?  And no eggs, butter, oil or other fat making ingredients!?  Sounds good to me!

Here is the pin that inspired me:

For some reason I picked Butter Pecan cake mix.  I thought it would taste good without frosting. 

Basically you mix together the cake mix and angel food cake mix.  You then put 3 tablespoons of the mix in a mug with 2 tablespoons of water. And here is how mine turned out:

Yeah it looked really gross.  So I decided to top it with some fat free cool whip.

It was edible but not very good.  The sides were burnt and it was really dry and chewy.  I think I am going to stick to my original single gal dessert:

With this you just mix 2 tablespoons of the mix with 1 tablespoon of fat-free vanilla yogurt.  And it is moist and yummy!  And it is even better with a spoonful of frozen fat free cool whip!

Anyway...the reason why I really started this Pinterest Inspired Wednesday series was because I want to see what you guys have made, bought, baked, or have been inspired to DO based on a pin you pinned on pinterest!  Sometimes they turn out good and sometimes not so good.  Was it all you ever hoped for or did it let you down?  Was it as easy as they say or incredibly hard?  I want to give you guys a place to link up to and see what other people have tried from Pinterest.  I am going to keep doing these every Wednesday through the end of May and have the link up available here, so share your experiences too! 

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cynthia said...

Bummer, I have the mug cake thing pinned, too. Haven't tried it yet.... But I did try a crock pot lasagna that wasa big FAIL. Oh well, gotta keep trying new things! :)

Shoshanah said...

These always look so cute on pinterest, but it's too bad it didn't work out.

And while it isn't really pin worthy, have you ever had one of the Betty Crocker Warm Delights? it's basically the same thing as this only prepacked. You added water to the cake mix and microwave it. Plus most boxes come with caramel or chocolate to put on top. I used to have them all the time before I started dating the boy, and still sometime look at them longingly at the grocery store. ha!

Camille said...

Yes! I tried this and it was a major FAIL!
Ps I love your pinterest Wednesday's! Sad they'll be gone in June!