Thursday, June 2, 2011


I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I hate sweater vests.  If you wear a sweater vest, I will make fun of you.  And no matter how "in" they become I can not rock a sweater vest due to this hatred of them.

But you know what one of my favorite looks for guys is?  The traditional vest.  Justin Timberlake rocks this look a lot.


As does David Beckham:

And the hottiest of hotties and my future husband Ryan Reynolds looks FINE AS HECK in a vest:

Although he can even make an ugly sweater vest look good:

What do you guys think of the vest?  What is your favorite look on guys?


Maureen said...

My husband loves vests!! And I think he looks hot in them :) I agree on the sweater vest though. I haven't really seen anyone wearing that in real life, though I do live in Texas. I'm with ya though, I have a total weakness for a guy rocking a vest.

Miss Priss said...

My favorite "look" on guys is a Ralph Lauren Polo (something about that little horse just does it for me), jeans, and flip flops (as long as there are no crusty toes). Weird thing to like, but I think it's super hot :)

Sam said...

I love my sweater vests. >.>