Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Entertainment

I don't watch TV much anymore.  Right now the only shows I watch are The Bachelorette and The Today Show.  I did a marathon of Game of Thrones last weekend and the finale is Sunday.  But other than that I couldn't tell you what's on TV right now.

Usually summer TV sucks but this year I am super pumped for summer TV mainly because now I have HBO!  Here's what I'm looking forward to watching:

Drop Dead Diva- Sunday June 19 on Lifetime
True Blood- Sunday June 26 on HBO
Big Brother- Thursday July 7th
Entourage- Sunday July 24 on HBO

What are you looking forward to watching this summer?

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1 comment:

CeCe said...

So You Think You Can Dance is the only show I watch during the summer. Love it!