Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where I Work

This month is crazy at work.  I'm working more than I ever have.  I'm lucky to leave by 7 and working on the weekends, but after December it should calm down.  Right now I am basically doing 2 roles though, and we have a huge launch this weekend, so it has been very busy.

Since I spend so much time here I thought I'd give you a photo tour of my work:

This is my building
Another view of the lobby
Cafe in my building- yes they have Starbucks- and yes they were closed at 5 when I took this picture.
Elevators- boring but essential since I work on the top floor
View when I get off the elevator.  Every floor has a different color and a quote.  My floor says "You can't depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus". - Mark Twain

Another view when I get off elevator
My "row"- it's two pods of 4 cubicles each with a table for a meeting area in the middle.
My cube :)- minimalist
There are also these weird cubicle areas that have mesh curtains...I'm glad I'm not in one of those.
Building 2- where the cafeteria is...there is a nice winding walkway with a waterfall to get there
View of outdoor seating at the "caf"

I spend a lot of afternoons here in the conference rooms- we love some meetings round here!

Super Secret Design Center on my floor- you need special security clearance for this area- which I do not have.
Really cool chairs right outside the Design Center in a little lounge area on my floor.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my workplace!  It really is a cool place to work. 

We went to play paintball a few weeks ago for team building.  My team is fun- they have Happy Hour every Thursday and both times I have been able to go (I do have a dog at home waiting for me!), the drinks have been free which is a bonus!

This week we are having our quarterly team night.  Last quarter we had a casino night.  This time it is a comedian.  They have food and drinks and give out the quarterly awards for the team (this is the whole eCommerce team so it is A LOT of people but I am still secretly hoping to win an award at one of these things!)

My actual role can be really frustrating because it is dealing with information that CONSTANTLY changing- so it is hard to keep up and a lot of the processes need work, but I enjoy it...when I'm not threatening to throw my computer down the stairwell because my edits won't show up...imagine blogger on crack...that is the kind of content management tool I work in a lot....and sometimes it doesn't want to cooperate...but everyone has those moments right?  Dang technology, it's a love/hate relationship.  But I believe in the products and the company as a whole which is always a bonus. Yeah, I really like it.

I just might have found a job I can love...one more thing I could potentially mark off my list.  My question to you is...How do you know it's love??


Sam said...

I love the photo tour! It looks like an awesome place to work. And how cool that you have so many activities to do with your coworkers :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

What a great tour! I love it!

- C said...

How I knew this was a job I LOVE: After working here 6 months, I suddenly realized I hadn't looked at another job posting since I had started. Prior to this job, I always looked at other job opportunities. Not at my current one, I just love it. And I tend to not call it a Job but instead something about Career or Profession.