Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

- Last week I had been praying to God that I just wanted to fall asleep with a smile on my face.  You know like that giddy kind of smile when you first start dating someone.  Well, last Thursday it happened!  Last Thursday we had our quarterly team event/awards after work.  And I won an award!!  I secretly wanted one, but so did not expect to get one this time.  Anyway, I won a Peer Recognition award...which means people had to nominate me...and I've only been here 6 months!  I was so flipping excited and fell asleep that night with a huge smile on my face. It feels good to be recognized for a job well done again.  I like being a rockstar at work!

- I have been keeping up with my Couch 2 5K running plan.  I am in week 7 now.  From here on out there are no more walking breaks.  Six weeks ago if you would have asked me to run for 30 minutes straight, I would have died.  It still isn't easy, but right now I am up to 25 minutes for each run this week, 28 minutes for each of the runs next week, and 30 minutes for each of the runs the last week.  I signed up for the Jingle Bell Run in Raleigh the first weekend in December and I am hoping to run the whole thing with no walking breaks and beat my time from 2 years ago.

- I have been rewarding myself for every 3 weeks in the Couch 2 5K that I complete.  This weekend I got a new Nike + sensor as my reward for 6 weeks completed because my old sensor was dead when I took back up running.  But I am most excited about my final reward after I finish week 9.  I want to get the new iPod nano.  I run with my iPhone now and I am so scared I a going to accidentally drop it.  There are 10 days between now and Black Friday.  I wonder if I can get all 9 runs in before then so I can get a good deal on my new nano!

I'm still working a lot and soo tired, but life is good.  Hopefully when things die down at work, I can get back to really blogging instead of these random posts.

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Sonja said...

Ok, this is a bit random, but I wanted to comment on running with your iPhone. Do you run outside? If so, I would recommend getting an armband and continuing to run with the iPhone vs getting a nano. I have a nano and I still run (well used to run I guess) with the iPhone. It proved to be extremely handy this summer. I was on a run and had had pain in my ankle for about a week. Long story short, about a mile and a half in to the run I fractured my ankle and could no longer longer step down on it. (I'd been running on a stress fracture) I was able to call a friend though and use Maps to guide him to where I was and he came and picked me up. I was on a trail so I had to guide him to the nearest entrance and I wasn't even sure where I was in relation to cross streets.
It's a bit big, but I was so glad I had my iPhone. I hope to start running with it again soon!
PS. Congrats on the award and your progress running!