Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday can bite me.

Can I just rant for a minute?  Why are the retailers pushing Christmas down my throat this year?  Christmas stuff was up before Halloween was even over!  And now I have drawn the line with this Black Friday nonsense. 

It used to be you would get the best deals if you were the first one in line at your favorite retailer on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  But now retailers are confusing me because they are having "Early Black Friday Sales" and I got an email from Old Navy today that said "Cyber Monday Comes Early" and most stores are opening on Thanksgiving day.  Stop confusing me!  When is the best deal?  I want it to be at 5 am the day after Thanksgiving (because any earlier and you would just have to stay up all night on Thanksgiving.)  Make it easy for me.  But of course they won't.  They want to confuse me and have me buy early or too late and miss out on the best deal.  They want me to cut Thanksgiving short to go shopping.  They want me to stay up all night so I can hit their midnight sale and then venture on to the 4 am sale.

Last year was the first year I got up early for Black Friday.  I went to one store and got an awesome deal on something that I wanted.  It started at 5 am I think and we got in line about 15-20 minutes before that.  And I was home and back in bed before Chick-fil-a even opened for breakfast.  I liked it.

This year I think we are going to stay up all night because the sale I want to hit starts at 4 am.  If I am going to stay up all night I might just start a whole shopping extravaganza at midnight.  Who knows.  I thought I had perfected Black Friday and now they had to go change the rules on me.

How about you guys...are you doing Black Friday this year?


angelasw said...

I am most definitely not doing Black Friday this year! I went one year, when my husband was working retail, and it was such a nightmare I vowed not to do it again until there was something I really, really wanted or needed.

As for Black Friday overload/confusion, I saw a sign at PAnera today about Black Friday. For a second I thought they were having a sale, but it turns out they're just opening early to accommodate the crowds.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Well, I have always WORKED for black friday. This year is (hopefully) my last year before going to school full time again but even when I'm not working I don't think I will go out. If I do it will just be to entertain myself watching all the crazies get upset over a pillow pet or go all nuts if someone edges them out of line.
I don't think it's going to be long before everyone is just open Thanksgiving day and black friday ceases to exist... sad!