Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paintball Fun and Purse Envy

It's been a while!  Things have been busy in my world lately.  Work is crazy, I've been out of town every weekend this month.  And I have been staying up late on the phone for the past week or so.  Which did not leave much time for blogging!

Last week my team at work went off site for a team building activity.  We went to the woods in the middle of nowhere and played paintball.  First of all, I have seen people come back from playing paintball and they always have bruises where they got hit.  I was not looking forward to getting bruised and was so scared what I would feel like to get shot!  Secondly this place was called Xtreme Combat Warfare Training Center.  Ummm what?  That sounds really intense for my tastes.

Anyway, it turned out to be really fun!  I can probably say this because I managed to not take a body shot the entire time we played!  My gun got hit once and I got hit twice in the face mask.  The very first game, me and one other girl on my team were the last women standing!  In fact I was in the last one standing group a lot that day!  We played like 8 games and my team only lost 3.  And one of them wasn't because we all got shot, it was because we couldn't locate the hidden bomb in time after we had shot all of the other team.

We played all day and it even rained on us, but I think we all had a ton of fun!  I am pretty good at hiding and being the sniper.  I was so sore the next day though from all the crouching down I had to do behind the bunkers.  It was seriously so much fun though!

This weekend I went to Homecoming at ECU.  I didn't have this intention, but I partied like a college student Saturday night...and paid the price Sunday morning.  I did get to meet two of the ECU football players out on Saturday!  I would have never recognized them, but one of my guy friends came up while we were talking to them and said "Hey man, ya'll play football don't you?"  Turns out they are starters and actually really good!  I thought that was kind of cool!

I know this is materialistic, but I have been having purse envy lately.  I got one free from work a few months ago:

And I love it, but I want a new one.  I love the dark purple colors I have been seeing lately, but I also have my eye on these:

I also love this Micheal Kors watch
Macy's- $225

Since when did I get such expensive tastes!?!  I love these things, but I would not drop that much cash on something without thinking about it for a LONG time.  Plus, I have been saving up for my hardwood floors, so I have been on a shopping sabbatical.  Which is why I think I am craving so many pretty, expensive things!
I probably won't get to post again until after Halloween!  I'm going to the annual Halloween party my friends throw this weekend- I think this might be their 6th!!  Here's a little preview of what Cam and I are both going to be this year:

I hope you all have a Spooktacular Halloween!!!


Miss Priss said...

Go with the JPK one. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And it's the cheapest of all your favorites :)

Shena said...

Good to know about the paintball! I've been strategically avoiding it for fear of being hurt as well. I might take it on now! :)