Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hangover

It's been 33 hours since I had my last sip of alcohol on Saturday night but I still feel hungover!  I am 30 years old.  I should know better and take steps to avoid these and I usually do, but for some reason, weddings push me straight to the bar.  It's now Monday morning and I made it to work (barely) but I still feel like crap. 

If I had it to do over again here are some things I would have changed:

1. I would have planned my time better and ate a big lunch.  I was running behind an hour from the moment I woke up.  But I was bound and determined to fit in my Cto5K run, shower, pack, drop Cam off at doggie day care, AND get a manicure/pedicure before I left Raleigh. 

This hectic morning led me to running a hour behind by the time I got on the road.  And despite driving 80/mph I never made up the time.  I stopped at a Sheetz to get gas and get something to eat since I had not had breakfast or lunch.  Let me tell you, their selection sucks!  I got a bag of baked lays and a chicken salad wrap.  But when I bit into the chicken salad, it made me want to vomit!  I was starving, but there was no way I was eating that crap. So all I had by the time I made it to the wedding at 6:00 pm was a bag of baked lays.

2. I should have eaten some gingersnaps and had some cider while we waited.  But I was so afraid by the time I got some it would be time to sit down.  Plus it was really hot that day, so I just wasn't feeling the cider.

3. I should have waited until after dinner before I said hello to the wine.  But weddings are just awkward to me and so I wanted that liquid courage right away.

4. I probably shouldn't have hung around the bar watching the slide show so much.

5. I proably should have eaten more at dinner, but by that time I wasn't even hungry anymore.

6. I should have asked for a glass of ice water in between each glass of wine.  I always say I am going to do this, but never do.

7. I should not have continued to drink with everyone back at the hotel bar.

8. I should not have accepted that extra beer around the campfire after the bar closed.

I did have fun though!  The wedding was really pretty.  I was mad because they had a photo booth and that's what I wanted to have at my wedding if I ever get married.  It was tons of fun though and I mean really by the time I ever get married EVERYTHING will have been done before so I need to stop taking it personal.

They also had a cool element I've never seen before.  They had a painter paint the ceremony!  And then they displayed the painting at the reception.  I thought that was really cool.

I didn't meet any new boys there.  The "crush" was there, but nothing more than the usual awkward flirting was done with him.  I do think I kissed a random boy back at the hotel bar that was playing the piano for me, but 10 minutes later I decided he was weird and went and sat between two of my really good guy friends and they pretty much told him to leave me alone.  I kind of feel bad for the dude now that I think about it. 

Oh well I made it home safe and sound but despite all my efforts I just cant shake this thing!

1.I've chugged water and taken tons of Advil over the last 24 hours.

2. I had greasy french fries for lunch and taco bell for dinner yesterday, but none of the bad food is helping.

3. I had a big fizzy coke which usaully works, but not this time. 

4. I slept on and off on the couch for 4-5 hours yesterday and got a full 9 hours last night.

Any other suggestions?


Heather said...

ugh, 2 day hangovers are the worst! The only thing that ever works for me is sleep and more sleep. At least when you're asleep you can't feel crappy! Ginger ale/tea/candy does help with any lingering nausea though. Feel better!

Miss Priss said...

Excedrin Migraine will do wonders on a hangover (the headache part)!!!! When I have been drinking (if I can remember) I take 2 before I go to bed and 2 as soon as I open my eyes the next morning!! Hope you feel better. I hate hangovers!

Shoshanah said...

I've heard about people having the ceremony painted, but I've never seen it done. I think it would be a cool thing to have at a wedding, but I can only imagine how much it would cost

Jane said...

I hope you are feeling much better today. :-) The older I get, the worse my hangovers seem to get too!

chroniclesofcara said...

Avoid aspirin (if can damage your liver while it is metabolizing the alcohol) and drink water. Your body needs a glass for every ounce of alcohol consumed. Unfortunately, the only thing that cures a hangover is time.

Jen said...

I hear that bananas are good for a hangover, but the truth is no matter what I eat when I'm hungover I barf it back up, so I figure there is no point. I do make sure to chuge gatorade before bed on nights when I've had too much to drink. Then I have chilled gatorade waiting for the morning too, that usually helps, but sleep is the best cure.