Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Versatile!

Amber tagged me for an award!  Thank you!!  (Side note- I kinda suck at these, and sometimes I will see them and then forget to do it or even comment....I should get the bad bloggy friend award really!...I'm so sorry!  I do love you all and if I follow you, guaranteed I read all your posts, it's just almost always on my i-phone now which sucks if you want to comment)

The rules are to accept, link back and thank the blogger that awarded me, then tell 7 things about myself and tag 15 other lovely bloggers.

1. I went to the beach again this weekend.  This time North Myrtle in SC.  I love living so close to the beach!  I can't imagine being landlocked and not being able to get to the ocean before noon if I wanted to.

2. My college has the best football ever!  I know it isn't a big school, but we do football really well.  If you ever get a chance go...everything from the awesome tailgating to the entrance of the team to Purple Haze in a cloud of purple smoke to the fans yelling PURPLE...GOLD....PURPLE to the cannon when we score to the No Quarter!  Believe me, you won't ever be bored.  This weekend we had one of the best games ever!  Touchdowns within minutes of each other, all the back and forth and then this (believe me watch it, best ending to a game EVER)

It brings tears to my eyes just watching it again! The beach was great and I am so glad we came in to watch the game on TV, but dang I wish I would've been in Dowdy-Ficklen for that game!

3. I finally hung my curtains this weekend thanks to the help of my super-handy friend Meredith and her dad's drill.  It was quite comical and we had lots of "that's what she said moments".  No wonder guys like working with power tools so much!  Here's a really crappy pic from my phone.  That window in the middle looks weird now though.  I'm thinking maybe some small things on the wall on either side of it to even it out?  Any other suggestions?

4.  Someone is trying to set me up with one of their friends.  Please someone share some good blind date or set up stories because I think all I have heard are the bad ones.

5. I have a dog and a cat who each shed about a pound of hair a day, no joke.  It is out of control!

6. One of my ex's cousins works at the vet/boarding place I take Cam to.  It is kind of awkward.  Today I asked how her weekend was and she said she went down to the farm (where my ex lives, yes on a farm, with cows and everything).  So I asked her how many cows they had now and if they still had my favorite one and about his dogs and horses. It was good to hear how things were, but I avoided asking anything about my ex and the whole thing was a little awkward.

7. I'm having an awesome giveaway on here later this week!  Get excited!

Now here is who I tag:

I have to give Brittany a special shout out- I follow her so you know she's awesome and she gave me a shout out this week!  I was reading it on my phone while I was with a friend and I stopped and read it to her and was like "Can you believe people actually read my blog and like it?!!"

I follow all these lovely ladies and *heart* them all:
Domestic Goddess
GinH- a fellow Pirate!  Arrgggg!
Jenna Renee

These two I am not really tagging because they aren't blogs like that, but they are probably two of my most favorite things in my Reader:

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Caitlin said...

My best friend was set up with her friend's boyfriend's roommate. She didn't really like him for the first couple of dates, but then something changed. Their second wedding anniversary was yesterday. Her friend and her boyfriend ended up breaking up=they were both in the wedding, so that was kind of awkward. But it was a very successful setup!

Brittany said...

Thanks for the mention! :) And I really do love your blog!! :)

Have a great day, girl!

heidi said...

Aw, thanks Suz!! I will be posting my 7 things sometime soon...maybe later today!

I think your curtains are cute, good work!

As for a set-up story, I don't really have one to share, but wish I did. I've had a bunch of coworkers tell me they want to set me up, but it's like they don't want to actually tell the other person they want to set HIM up so they "wait for the perfect spontaneous moment" to call me when he "happens" to be over. Uh, yeah, I'm not holding my breath! I say, try it...get set up, what have you got to lose? :-)

Shoshanah said...

Thanks for the award! Although I'm like you and kind of suck about remember to post them, but I'll try my best!

And I was watching the ECU game. Or at least my boyfriend was and I was in the same room. And definitely started paying attention within the last we seconds. I thought it was pretty exciting (and I'm not even really an ECU fan)

MandaMog said...

There are two options for dates (particularly blind dates):
1) They can go very well and leave you with a smile plastered to your face for 24+ hours
2) They can go very very badly and the whole time you wonder, "How long do I have to stay so I won't be rude?"

I've learned that if #1 isn't happening, fuel #2 and make it as bad as possible so you can write about it on your blog. lol I posted a #2 story on my blog last week... only I didn't TRY to make it bad, it just got worse and worse all on its own. http://alaughandalatte.blogspot.com/2010/09/bad-blind-date-that-wouldnt-end.html

GinH said...

You are so sweet, thanks! :) And I'm obviously with you on the being slow to comment, ha! I also saw this on my phone a few days ago but left all of your posts unread b/c I couldn't comment and then, well, I'm slow. I was going to ask if you caught the game but YAY you did! And I get teary too when I watch the replay! Isn't the Tulsa guy with his hands on his helmet the best?! ESPN showed a shot of the team right after the TD and it was SO funny b/c they all had the most confused looks on their faces b/c they thought THEY had just won - it was SO funny! I was SO mad that I skipped that game. I told David to just go without me b/c the first games are never good - BOO! Poor Nola was freaking out when his mom and I were flipping out over it on TV.

LOVE your scarf post, too cute!