Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok so maybe I am picky

Remember that blind date I mentioned a while back?  Yeah I wasn't going to write about it but dating just got a little more ridiculous today, so why not just share some of the gory details?

So yeah, that blind date:
a) talked about partying for 85% of the date
b) may nor may not have been drinking for 24 hours straight before our date
c) said he never wants to grow up
d) talked about how he drunk dialed his teacher for a hook-up and said she was hot for a 40 yr. old
e) wanted to split the bill 50/50 after he had an appetizer, 2 sushi rolls, and a 2 drinks and all I had was 1 sushi roll (although he did pay for my vodka cranberry at the bar while we waited for our table...weird..luckily the waiter saved me and said he could split it by seat.)
f) ended the date by saying he'd text me.

Ok and then today here is an email I got from another suitor:

Hey doll-
Hope your week is going well.  Sorry to cut this short but going to go work on my buffness at the gym before my next client.  Lets chat later if you are up for it.

(this is like his first email ever to me...not a stellar start....doll???  buffness???)

What is wrong with guys!?!  Where are all the gentlemen don't act like tools??

Is it just me?  Am I being picky?  Is this unacceptable behavior or should I just lower my standards?

Dating. Sucks.


Heather said...

Keep Looking.

Anonymous said...

i'm with heather.

Shena said...

Agreed. You are not picky, you just have basic standards like respect and intelligence. Don't think you're stretching at all.

There are definitely good guys out there. I think while some have lost some of their manners others have gained more shyness. That does not help us at all though because no (good) guy wants to be pursued, nor do we want to pursue them.

Such a crazy catch 22.

Akirah said...

Keep looking. Although dating does suck. Sadface.

Brittany said...

Don't give up, and don't lower your standards. :) You are worth it - your guy is out there. :) You deserve more respect than these guys are giving you. Stay strong, girl! :)

EKN said...

Don't give up. My husband was pushing 30 when we started dating (me being 24) and I learned that they don't grow up until they have a strong woman in their life. Not saying that you should try to change these guys or continue to go out with them but realize they are all boys... In some ways it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Do not lower your standards. That is ridiculous.