Thursday, September 23, 2010

You'll be sore the next day

I've been pretty good about keeping up my Tuesday/Thursday morning gym routine.  I could never do it if it weren't for my friend Steph.  I am not a morning person so she gives me a wake up call and just knowing that if I don't go it might mess up her too, keeps me motivated.  She is much better than me when it comes to this stuff.  She has had multiple trainers...a few we have shared together, including this hottie:

Graham from Deanna's season of the Bachlorette was our trainer for a while...pre-bachelorette fame.  We kind of didn't think he was working us out hard enough at first and would get annoyed with him, but he turned out to be a great trainer and had us doing all kinds of crazy circuit training stuff that really whipped us in to shape.

But yeah, steph brings a notebook and writes down what we do and is always pushing me to do heavier weights, so she is a big help in the motivational department.

We rotate and dedicate one day to triceps/chest then legs/shoulders then back/bis and then repeat.  We  get bored doing the same thing over and over so we try to find new things to do.  Here are a few new ones we tried recently that left me sore the next day:

We just did this one this morning in fact and I'm not sore yet, but usually I don't feel it until late the night of or the next day.  But last time we did these I was feeling it!

We've done this one a million times before, but we did it on Tuesday holding a 25 lb. weight!  I think we normally do 10 lbs. but the 25lb. plate was already over there, so we just used that.  Needless to say my lower back was pretty tight all day yesterday!

This is a new one we tried last week.  I wasn't feeling it until the next day, but this move made my legs and butt so sore I could barely walk all weekend!

I like feeling a little sore after a workout.  It makes me feel like it is actually doing something.  What are some moves that really make you feel the burn?


Sam said...

You're doing awesome! The thing that burns the most for me is this ab machine where you place your knees on the cushion and place your elbows forward on the bar where you can hold on, and you use your stomach muscles to push up your knees/body into a crunch. I just explained that horribly, but it really makes me sore the next day :)

Heather said...

Two words: walking lunges! Ugh! It's getting better, but the first couple times we did these, I was sore for 3 days!