Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Day for Mission Trip Donation & Update

First- Thank you so much for all you kind comments, emails, and words of encouragement! It really helped me get through this! I am so amazed and blessed by all of you!

You may have noticed I removed the button to donate to my mission trip from my sidebar. I deleted it because I thought that was one of the ways my Mr. or Miss Mean Commenter had got my real name (in the case that they didn't know me in real life). I'm telling you, this whole experience has really freaked me out and I tried to erase every connection of my real name to my blog.

But that doesn't mean that I am not still trying to raise money. TODAY is the last day to donate online though. My final amount is due May 23rd and only issues checks to the church once a month, so that means any online donations have to be made TODAY in order to make it there by the deadline.

I am about $800 away from my goal. Today is your last chance if you were planning to donate online. Click HERE to go to the donation page.

I got my assignment for the trip on Sunday and I am going to be working with the PRE-SCHOOLERS! (Ages 3-5) I was secretly hoping for this age group because they are out of diapers, but still young enough to be really sweet and fun!

As far as everything else goes, I'm not giving up on this blog. I love writing and never really knew how much until I started this blog. No one is going to take that away from me. In fact I think I have forgiven this person. It doesn't bother me nearly as much and I have started to realize this action had less to do with me and more to do with them and their insecurities, anger, fear or whatever they are going through.

The past few weeks have been tough. But there have been high points too! I wanted to share one with you. My new title is "Promotional Content Writer". I didn't know this until Tuesday. For some reason this made me so happy. I am a writer. I am a professional writer. Granted it is promotional content, but I am getting paid to write. It was like discovering a dream I never knew I had! I still can't stop smiling about it!

I promise to write more later, just bear with me for a few days while I'm still recovering from all this craziness!


Aisha said...

Hey Suz,
I am so happy for you and all that is happening. I'm glad that you will keep writing because I love your blog and I think you are a great writer and person. I know that you'll make your goal and go on that mission trip and do good! Always remember to keep God first and he'll never put you second! Good Luck with everything!

Erin Kathleen said...

Lots of good thoughts your way!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Congrats on the writing position, that's terrific :) It must be wonderful to be able to say "I'm a professional writer".

I'm still unemployed but I have a possibility of maybe being a free lance legal writer .. hopefully it'll work out. Cross my fingers & toes.

I'm glad you have such a wise reaction to that silly meanie person.. I'm still upset over the anonymous people who write on my blog but I guess I am learning through your wise words. You're right, it's more about them than it is about us :P