Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You should know...

The pity party is over. At least I hope it doesn't sneak back up on me. Back to being Miss Optimism because I've heard what you put out into the universe, it comes back to you, plus it just sucks being in that kind of mood. So I'm getting off the pitty party train and picking up a ticket for the Optimism Express.

To jump start my way to the Optimism Express here's five things I have to be happy about:

1. It's a 4 day workweek!
2. The weather is beautiful!
3. I have some yummy wine from Trader Joes waiting for me at home
4. Got to sleep on fresh clean sheets last night
5. Only 1 more weekend until I get paid- finally!

Here's what you should really know about though. Over at April Showers, April is going to be having a whole bunch of giveaways during the month of April. Want an automatic entry for all of the giveaways? Go check out her blog today to find out how.


thpinkcity said...

I LOVE Trader Joe's wine...it's good and affordable!

Meg said...

Trader Joe's has fantastic wine!

Randomly found you and absolutely love your blog :) I'm sure you'll see me around :)

AnnQ said...

Good for you - the Optimism Express is a better place to be! (I can relate...my last four weeks have been Purgatory).

Megan said...

glad to see you're in a more positive frame of mind. while i'm not religious and do not believe in religion (and am broke due to saving for my down payment/closing costs for my house) i know this is something that you really believe in AND really want to do...SO i'll be donating a few dollars tomorrow. (my wallet is downstairs and i'm too tired to get it right now!)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Aww :) that's a nice post ! I'm glad you're feeling good, that's awesome ! How was Easter weekend for you ??