Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old Photo

I discovered this new iphone app yesterday through one of the blogs I read (this is how I seem to discover all kinds of great new things lately!). It is called Old Photo and it is only $.99 and so worth it.

Here are some photos I took yesterday with it:

I love great photos! I am defiantly putting "Take a photography class" on my next list.

P.S. Thank you SO SO much to all of you have donated to my mission trip! I never thought complete strangers would support me in this! I LOVE you guys so much! The next deadline to turn in money is April 24th and I need about $600 more before that date. Be praying for a good turn-out for my yard sale!!


Ally said...

Wow, that ap is awesome! How cool! Cute kitty too :)

Sam said...

I really wish I had an iphone to use all the cool apps!