Monday, August 17, 2009

You probably didn't find what you were looking for...

One of my favorite things about Google Analytics is seeing the words people type in Google that make them end up on my blog. Here are some that made me chuckle:

Bird calorie burned
Feelings are not supposed to be logical
I am not likeable
Obsessed with target bathing suits
Cheesy group dance songs
Sweet bailey suck
30 things a woman shouldn’t do before 30
7 things that make me awesome
Alcohol oh alcohol, you make me want to love you
Best sex commodities
Boyfriend is sharing a room with a girl on a trip
Cafeteria lady is rude, what to do?
Can a person be too logical for feelings?
Crater forming on my chin
Don’t talk about my momma t shirts
Funny odes to alcohol
Witty response to being ignored by girl
Win your wife back ideas
Why is my boyfriend on
What to do if one of my birds gets burned
What car gives you 10 cup holders?
Top listsex
Three ways to bring little children to jesus
There is little known about jesus before he was 30 years old
The new testament of funk
The bible says I’m awesome
Sex things to try before 30
Real couple kissing during swim
My zeta mom loves me t-shirt talking to multiple girls
Marry a mechanic
Little children’s boobs
List of beer and where they are from
Life plan to marry at 25 and babies at 28
Kiss? Sure!  =]]]]]] loser phase!
Karaoke doggy discovery kids
Icing huge zits
I’m one of a kind I ain’t easy to find
I wish I were 30
I don’t know what to do with my money
How to keep zits away from kids


heidi said...

That's freakin' hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

AnnQ said...

OMG, that was funny stuff!

magda said...

oooh man. This list totally made my morning. How totally hilarious ... and with some of these, you wonder what they WERE looking for! Scary!