Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

I just don't know what to write lately...I can't formulate a whole post. Mainly because I don't want to jinx anything good that is going on in my life and well, I think I am going through a lazy spell. So here's ten random thoughts/things:

1. I got some great things for my birthday: a monogrammed towel, a haircut, a Vera Bradley cosmetic case, nail polish, a ticket to the Bulls game, and dinner at the Melting Pot...YUM!

2. I listened to the podcast of last week's sermon at church (because I was too lazy to go) and there was a gem...it was about how your words can affect others and the litmus test for if something would be considered gossip is if it is something bad about another person, yet you don't feel bad telling it (or worse yet, get enjoyment out of it).

3. I am poor. It's like the scary kind of poor. But I am just crossing my fingers I can make it.

4. I need to lose weight ASAP because I have all these clothes in my closet that I just can't wear and buying new clothes is just not an option.

5. I had a lazy weekend and watched 17 Again and I Love You Man and they were fabulous!

6. I want Santa to bring me a maid for Christmas this year.

7. I can't remember the last time I was drunk.

8. I have 2 half-brothers and one of them has 3 girls all around my age. I haven't seen and talked to them in like 10 years and two of them found me on Facebook last week. One lives in Raleigh and I am so happy to re-connect with them, but a little nervous to talk to them because it has been so long!

9. I need to mark something off my list. It is stressing me out. But it seems like everything costs $$$$!

10. I hope all of you have a FABULOUS week!!


Kelly said...

Ha! I watched 17 Again AND I Love You Man this weekend too!!

Hang in there. Everything will work out. I've been scary poor before, and somehow I made it month to month. Still not sure how I did it.

AK said...

I hear you on the scary poor part- I'm like you in that I have goals, but the almighty dollar sign seems to stand between me and all of them. Glad you had a nice birthday!

Love the blog and love the idea. Good luck :)

AnnQ said...

I can tell you honestly - as CHEESY and trite as it sounds - that everything stressful passes, even Financial concerns.

My ex husband and I had enough in the Bank where we could have been unemployed for a year without any issues.

Right before I filed for Divorce, out of spite, he started secretly siphoning money out and spent almost everything in like six months....and I have NO idea what (or who) he spent it on.

I thought I'd never get over the financial mess he created for me on purpose, but I have.

Just be patient and keep plugging along in the right direction. Things may not change immediately, but they WILL change for the better, so long as you keep on the right path. :-)

heyLyss09 said...

I'm going to the Melting Pot on Friday for the first time!

Themis0307 said...

I'm scary poor too and it's so depressing sometimes. Hang in there. I have faith it will get better!

Katie said...

I've never been to the Melting Pot. I really need to try it sometime. I hope you had a great birthday!