Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Giveaway You Should Check Out...

Over at Simple Pleasures there is a giveaway. I usually don’t enter giveaways because I think I may have won like one in my lifetime so what’s the point? (I know, I know…you can’t win if you don’t play right?) Anyway I had to enter this giveaway because the item you can win is just so cute!

It is a personalized stamper!

Go check out all your options here.

I thought long and hard about bout which one I wanted and what I would do with it. It was so hard to choose because I just love them all.

If I lived in my fantasy world where I was smoking hot and had all the confidence in the world I would get the ACS Round stamper but put "SUZ" in the middle and my phone number, email address, and the words "You're Hot" around the outside. I would then use this to stamp the hands or random belongings of any hot guys I encounter.

But since I live in the real world, I would probably pick the flip flop one or single monogramed one. This might inspire me to write all those little notes and thank you cards I always think about sending. And I could use it to stamp my books so people won't steal them!

Here are the rules, but I don't want anyone else to enter because I want to win. Can you go vote for me? :)

Any ONE stamper, your choice, from the "everyday" selection on Laurie's Lagniappe website.

The Giveaway will happen on Aug 31st!!! you have 2 weeks to enter and spread the word.

To register follow these rules:
1.)You must leave a comment by Aug 30th on her blog: What you would use your stamper for (answer: name goes in 2 x's)
2.)Post about the give away on your blog. (posting:name goes in 1x)
3.)Follow Simple Pleasures. ( following:name goes in 1 x)
She will pick the winner on Aug 31st . She will immediately notify the winner via her blog and I will leave a comment on their blog. The winner will have until Sept 3rd to reply. If no reply by Sept 3rd, She will draw another name, etc...

Just kidding…of course you can enter and even if you don’t enter, you should become a follower because she’s great! But if you don't want it, go vote for me to win it! ;)


AnnQ said...

Those stamps are cool !

Kelly said...

No, I love your idea of making a stamp with your name/number. Like a business card but cooler, and hotter! Hope you win!