Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Swap and Major Book Review Catch-up

I linked up for a book swap by this dynamic duo- Heather and Katie- a few months ago and it went so well I decided to do it again.  Last time I was paired up with Heather and this time I was paired up with another Heather!

I got not one, but three books!

I've already read The Last Song and The Perfect Elizabeth (oops! I tried to give suggestions for the exchange...I hope Heather hasn't already read the book I sent her) but I have not read The Vow, so I was happy to get that.

These swaps are really fun and I love getting stuff in the mail!  Thanks so much for the books Heather!!

I also did a little catching up on my Bookshelf Blog!  So go check out my reviews of these books!


Heather said...

I didn't know you had a review blog...I'm hopping over right now to check it out :).

Victoria said...

i keep meaning to check out the vow because i really liked the movie version.

cute blog!

happy monday!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Gosh, you and I have such similar taste. Why do we have to live so far apart?!

How are you by the way?! It feels like forever!

Aisha said...

Boy you have been reading!! I am definitely ready to get back into my books and I will be taking some of your suggestions on reading material. I love your reviews, they are always on point. I do have a question: Do you prefer hard books or downloading on e-readers?

Amanda said...

I love that you read so much! My partner and I told each other what we wanted to read/hadn't read specifically. I got her a book on her list that I had already read, so I hope she enjoys it!

Vianca Hidena said...

Book Swap sounds like a great idea! specially for me who is spending too much money purchasing books (even though they are not new but still). Please could you advise me the best book swap site?