Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- Shopping

I have been in a shopping mood lately.  On Friday I went to Target just to pick up some things like trash bags and diet coke.  But then I wandered into the shoe section and I bought 2 pairs of shoes and then as I was walking to the check out I saw a bag I really liked and I ended up getting it too!

Right now my tiny ultraportable work laptop fits in this bag, but tomorrow I have to upgrade to a new computer.  Yes, I want a bigger hard drive (mine is completely full) and a faster processor, but this new computer is not one of our ultraportable ones.  Now only VP level and above can request those.  So I am getting the standard business computer- the ThinkPad T420.  It is a 14" and not as thin as my 13" X301 that I currently have so today is the last day I will be able to use this bag as my work laptop bag.  Oh well, I'm sure I will find another use for it.

I've also bought 3 pairs of ski pants!  We went to the outlet malls Saturday morning and the Columbia store was having an awesome sale!  I got a pair of ski boots (learned my lesson that rain boots will keep your feet dry but not warm) and two pairs of ski pants for $25 each!  The boots and one pair of pants were both originally over $120!  How could I pass up a deal like that.  And then Monday I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to see if the pink pair of ski pants I was coveting for this year's ski trip was on sale.  They didn't have a sale tag on them, but I took them up to the front to check and I am so glad I did!  I got the $140 pants for less than $40!!  Now I just have to wait until next year's trip to use all this stuff!

Speaking of ski trip, my friend Heather just posted an awesome summary of our trip with lots of pics on her blog.  Check it out here!

I am going to leave you today with a collection of things I am coveting from Pinterest.  Hopefully some of these will be in my possession soon!

Source: via ncsuz on Pinterest

Must have this and other neon nail colors for summer!  I can't wait to have a tan too!

My Rainbows are crappy now.  I need new ones and now that I've seen these, I MUST have them!

If someone can find this shirt I will send you a reward.  I cannot find it anywhere but REALLY want it!


Erica said...

It's not a Nike shirt, but the same saying :)

Ally said...

Love the color of the bag and the nails. So pretty.

ps. As someone who has been a rainbow lover for so long, I suggest you try reefs. I have the fannings

and dare I say I love it more than my rainbows?? Just don't tell them that ;)

Abbie Lewis said...

I love that nail color!

GinH said...

Ok, because we're blog friends and ECU girls I can't NOT tell you this... before you get another pair of rainbows you MUST (must, must, must) at least try on a pair of Olukais. They are AHmazing. I will never get rainbow again. That good. Amazing. Great Outdoor Provision Co sells them... go there go there go there!!! Olukai. Totally the best. My cat just peed on mine and I'm using it as an excuse to get another pair :P

(but the braided rainbows are super cute, still go Olukai!)

Michelle said...

I found the shirt on eBay, but it's they only have 2X.