Friday, February 18, 2011

Take it Off

I was trying to mark #21- Go Skinny Dipping off my list on this ski trip.  I like the idea of skinny dipping.  The thing I don’t like is the idea of other people seeing me.  So I kept trying to think in my head how I could mark this one off the list.  I don’t know anyone who has their own private pool, so I was thinking about trying to go in the ocean really late at night during one of my beach trips, but I knew on this ski trip we were going to have an indoor pool, so I decided to plan to use that.

My plan was to sneak down to the pool really late at night after everyone had gone to bed and take a quick skinny dip in the pool before anyone could see me.  Problem #1- There were glass doors leading to the pool that you could see from the stairs.  Problem #2- These fools didn’t go to bed until 5 am!  Problem #3- How was I going to get down 5 flights of stairs without anyone wondering where I was going. 

So on Friday night I had a few glasses of rum punch and some of the other girls got in the hot tub out on the 3rd floor deck.  I was hanging out with some other people on the 4th floor but I kept going down there to update them on what was going on upstairs.  They kept begging me to get in with them but I kept saying I didn’t feel like going to get my suit on plus it was like 5 degrees out there!  Well towards the end of the night they convinced me to strip down right there on the balcony and get in with just my underwear on.  So I did. 

Then I remembered my skinny dipping goal.  The girls convinced me to take off my top to complete my goal.  The consensus was that would count.  One of the husbands was in there with us so we made him cover his eyes and I took off my bra for about 60 seconds.  It was freezing out and getting out of the hot tub was not fun, but it was something spontaneous and fun and helped me mark something off my list. 

I had been skinny dipping twice in high school- once in a lake and once at a friend’s house.  I think this probably won’t be the last time I skinny dip, but at least now I can mark it off my list!

Have you ever been skinny dipping?


Shoshanah said...

I want to say that I have, but I can't really remember the details of it. I guess it must not have left too great of an impression on me then, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes. . . I was on a school trip abroad in college. One of the places we stayed was a private B&B type place with several "huts" for guests and a central lodge with a pool in the middle of it all. One night, 2 girlfriends and I got up at 3AM to go skinny dipping. It was fantastic and we had a great stay, with the B&B owner throwing our group a BBQ several days later. It was only after we left that we heard there are security cameras on the pool at all times. No wonder the BBQ was so good.

Michelle said...

Yes! It was fantastic! (both times) Once in high school w/girlfriends, then once with husband...(we'll just leave that one right there)..