Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Details Please

In my last post I gave ya’ll a long list of things I had done in my lifetime that weren’t on The List. Here are a few that you guys wanted some more details about:

Forking a yard- This is a silly prank that we did to some frat houses in college. In addition to “rolling” or “TP-ing” their houses we took a ton of those little white plastic forks and put them all over their yards. I imagine it was a huge pain to clean up!

Front page of the newspaper- Yes I have had my picture on the front page of the newspaper twice. The first time was with Santa at the Grove Park Inn. My dad was an accountant for the Grove Park Inn which is a fancy resort in Ashville, NC. They do Christmas big there and have a huge gingerbread house exhibit/competition. I was there with my family and a reporter from the Ashville paper took a picture of me and a few other kids with Santa there and it made the front page.

The second time I was in a kite flying competition in Morganton when I was little. The local paper covered the event and there was a huge series of 3 pictures of me on the front page. In the first I am running and looking at the kite behind me. In the next I am beginning to trip and fall and the third I am on the ground with the kite laying on the ground behind me. I think my mom still has copies of both of my front page appearances in a scrapbook.

Snorkeling- I’ve been snorkeling three times- once in the Bahamas, once in St. Thomas, and once in Honduras. The Bahamas snorkeling sucked. We signed up for an excursion where we were supposed to hunt for buried treasure, but all they did was hide the conch and oyster shells before they let us off the boat. The water was murky and there wasn’t much to see down there. In St. Thomas it was a little better. The water was much clearer and I saw a sea turtle, but then someone said they spotted a jellyfish which I have a huge fear of and high-tailed it back to the boat. Honduras was the best. It was like you see in the movies with schools of blue fish, bright coral, etc.

My Sorority- I’m a Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA). I loved being in a sorority. I held several leadership positions and dealing with 65 sisters- everything from recruitment (as VP of Recruitment), new member classes, elections, managing a house of 22 (as house manager), keeping up with the finances (as treasurer), fundraisers, socials, volunteering, and dealing with Nationals- it really taught me A LOT! I’ve said it before- I think I learned more in the sorority about business and life than I did in my classes! ZTA was a great sorority and I met lifelong friends there. It was a blast and I have so many unique memories that I would have never had if I hadn’t been a Zeta. We had a fabulous house (on the plus side it was right beside 2 frat houses, but on the downside it was on the wrong side of the tracks and right on the edge of the ghetto!) It really did look like something out of a fairytale though:

Shag- The shag is a dance that apparently is only really popular in The Carolinas. It’s a beach music dance. I only know the basics- the 1-2-3, 1-2-3, rock step. No fancy turns or anything. I would love to take lessons some day. Here’s a little video that demonstrates the basics:

Ashton did a fabulous post about The Shag last week HERE.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I meant to comment yesterday, but my internet was not cooperating with me. :(

I loved your list and want to start one of my own! I remember forking a frat house in college, we also tp'd the INSIDE of the guys' house several times too. Loved those days! :)

Shoshanah said...

I can't believe those forks! I had never hear of that before now, I guess maybe because I wasn't in a sorority in college?

Ashton said...

Thank you for the shout out! I have forked a yard before...great time. I was on exec and house manager, so I know the stresses you went through!

Abby said...


I miss the house everytime I see it!!

GinH said...

LOL! Definitely on the wrong side of the tracks!!! For a split second I forgot we'd already established the ECU thing and I was like 'OHH Oh I know where that is!' - then I had my 'duh' moment. HA! So funny! That is a beautiful house though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I've forked a lawn many times but never like that! We always stick the forks in tines down. How funny. I guess it works ether way!

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