Friday, November 20, 2009

Are you going to see it?

I feel like such a pedophile for getting all hot and bothered when I look at this! I can't believe he is only 17! He was on the Today Show this morning and I like him even more! He seems like such a sweet guy and I love him and Taylor Swift together!

I love me some Edward, but in this book I was really rooting for Jacob and every one after that I always had a soft spot for him.

Are you going to see it? Have you already seen it at the midnight showing?

Team Edward or Team Jacob?


Ice Queen said...

I waited until the first one came out on DVD and I rented it. I found it to be a little slow moving.

Personally I miss the kind of vampires that Buffy used to slay. I guess I'm old fashioned.

Wani said...

A few of my friends and I (mostly 20-somethings) went to the midnight showing last night. We've all read the books and are kind of Twilight geeks. All of us really enjoyed it alot. I think I liked how they translated the book into movie form better this time than I did with the first. I think most of the actors have improved since they made Twilight. ;-) I thought they did a good job casting the Volturi. And as much as I like Taylor Lautner I just don't think he does justice to the descriptions of Jacob's transformation in the book. But he did play the part well. Two thumbs up on the movie though.

Sam said...

i can't wait to see it tonight!!!!!!!! AHHHHH yes i'm that excited!!! ANd i'm Team Edward!! I HATE the character of Jacob because I think he's abusive in the book, but I LOVE Taylor!!! He's a cutie and seems like the nicest guy.

Brittany said...

I'M SO EXCITED! I am going to see the movie tonight at 7:15 with three other women (26 year olds), and I'm totally Team Jacob. And i feel dirty because I think 17 year old Taylor Lautner is seriously HOT. Can't wait to see it in a few hours!!!! =.)

Jen the Beachbum said...

I'm team Edward, but not necessarily because of Rob, though he has gotten much hotter and now I can picture him as Edward. I have my own Edward in my mind (and it ain't my boyfriend! hehe).

I'm waiting for my sister to come down and we are going to watch it on Wednesday. It's hard to wait, but I want to see it with her because we made this a tradition last year.

Jeremy is coming with us to watch it as well, he is team Jacob, because Jacob works on cars, and he said Bella totally used him (yup he listened to every book on cd).

Anonymous said...
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Shoshanah said...

We saw it yesterday, and while I'm definitely an Edward fan, Jacob's body looked pretty much amazing in the movie.

AnnQ said...

Oh yeah, Jacob is perfect! :-)

I saw the movie Friday night....I liked Twilight A LOT, but thought New Moon wasn't nearly as good. I think they need the first Director back for the third one!

:: Jenna :: said...

I went to see new moon this last weekend and I really enjoyed it, I am an edward girl all around but have to admit that the body on jacob was just amazingly chiseled and he looked very "beautiful."

this movie had me wanting more that now this week i am starting the twilight series after having it for a month or two...I was too leery before cause I have school work ...and my other girlfriends were telling me that i need to like dedicate 2 days to each book at least and how addicted they got to them.

I told myself after seeing the first that I was going to start the books and and I didn't so now is my calling! before the rest come to the screen teehee

*Diana* said...

Team Jacob!! :)
I went to see it at midnight.... I cheer at the beginning and gasp! when Jacob took off his tshirt :)