Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why I don’t put stickers on the back of my car

I am always running late. Always. This habit has led to another bad habit- speeding.

Although now that I think about it, maybe the speeding isn’t a result of my lateness but something that just comes naturally for me. In Driver’s Ed my nickname was “lead foot”. I don’t go dangerously fast, but I am almost always above the speed limit. And if you are going too slowly, you better get out of my way, because if I can’t get around you, I will tailgate and yell at you from the safety of my car.

I once tailgated my boss unknowingly at my old job. We had all driven separately and were on our way back to the office and when she got in the turn lane to turn in to the parking lot I knew it was her. Luckily she didn’t know it was me. But she did complain about it when we were all back in the office and I just played dumb.

It is for this reason I don’t put any stickers on my car. I don’t want people thinking “That pirate fan/ that Zeta/ that Summit church member is a b**** and can’t drive!”

In my lifetime I have had about 5 speeding tickets. The most recent is when I was visiting my mom in High Point. In my defense I was on a highway I had never been on before, I was in the left hand lane, it was ending, and there was a big truck beside me that I had to get in front of. I ended up having to get a lawyer and I just got the bill. I sent him $50 and now I have to pay the court $149. Where am I going to get $149? I also have a credit card bill to pay for my new dresses. This is not good.

Anyway, all this brings me to today’s story. I wasn’t running too late for work, but I couldn’t exactly take my time either. I take this back road to cut over to a main road every morning. The only bad thing about this back road is that it is a school zone. Which means on my way to work the speed limit is 25 on that road. So I was coming down the hill and had just entered the school zone and coming right at me was a cop.

My heart dropped as I saw him bust a u-turn and get behind me. I slowed to a crawl and prayed he wouldn’t pull me. But sure enough he flipped on those blue lights. I HAD to convince him not to give me a ticket. There is no way I could afford another ticket! When he came to the car I immediately started apologizing. Yes, I lied. I told him I had never taken this road and had just come down the hill and didn’t realize it was a school zone. He asked me how fast I thought I thought I was going. I guessed 35-40? He said I was going 41. I apologized profusely. He asked for my license and registration. THIS IS A BAD SIGN. If they take your stuff back to their car and you don’t convince them to be lenient beforehand, you’re getting a ticket and they can’t take it back.

So as I was getting them out I practically begged him not to give me a ticket. I told him about how I had been laid off and just started working again and how I was having money problems and please, please, I was so sorry.

Then he asked how my driving record was. I couldn’t lie, so I told him about the ticket and he asked if this was a pattern for me. I told him no and explained the situation of how I was in an unfamiliar place and my lane was ending.

As he took my license and registration I made one last plea of “Please don’t give me a ticket.” He said he’d be right back. I prayed he would not give me a ticket. I was freaking out. I would not be able to afford that!

He took his sweet time. But when he came back to the car he said he was going to be lenient today. I was so thankful. He reminded me that until 9:30 am it was 25 on that road and to be careful next time and not give him a reason to pull me again.

Now I was really late to work, but I drove the speed limit the whole way there.

Wonder how long that will last? I am guessing not long. I just feel like I am going SO slow when I go the speed limit. I guess I am a bad driver. Maybe if I put an identifying sticker on the back of my car it will help me slow down and not be so aggressive?


heyLyss09 said...

One time I got pulled over for going 79 in a 35 because the highway speed limit went from 65 to 35 before the toll booths. I got a $500 fine and had to take a driver safety class. Not cool at all! haha

Themis0307 said...

Oh, man. You sound just like me. I wish I weren't such an aggressive driver, but I can't help it. Everyone's always in my way!

Jen Carr said...

1st, I am so glad you don't go as slow as the rest of everyone I seem to get behind!!! I drive fast too, and I hate slow drivers. 2nd, I don't put stickers on my car either, but for another reason, I'm really superstitious about it. Every time I used to put a sticker on any of my old cars, something would break. I just stopped doing it. 3rd, perhaps you should get a sticker for your car that says "I've already made my donation to the police this year, please pull over someone else".

AnnQ said...

Yay on talking your way out of a ticket!

And I know what you car hsa a decent amount of horsepower -- and I'm usually busy and running late - so I generally drive really fast. Luckily I haven't gotten a ticket in about ten years! :-)

:: Jenna :: said...

1st off I drive pretty fast i would say give me a speed limit of 70 and there is a good chance I am going at least 15 - 20 mph faster. Needless to say I have never gotten a speeding ticket *knocks on wood*

Although i find myself still in shock that I will be going 87 mph or so and still manage to have that tailgater behind me.

I was read once in magazine that they found out that "Most" tailgaters are women and gave the reason for it as (which i tend to notice to be true) That most men don't have time to tailgate you so therefore they just get around you in a fury and women on the other hand will tailgate you in hopes that you will get the point and move out of their way.

For me? I know I already drive fast/speed and if you have enough nerve to tailgate me beware..cause when my foot slips (cause it may) and i brake unexpectedly you might be the one owing me the cost of the damages lol (not to sound like a b!tch)

2nd. I have learned the hard way of never put stickers on your car ...when i first moved back to CA my grandmother let me have her old 1984 for escort (i was like 20ish)

Anyways I put bumper stickers on the car and had an equal rights sticker on my cars like hatchback window...needless to say I go pulled over by the cops the most in that car than anything! Must of counted like 5 times(and suprisngly enough have never gotten a ticket).

I tend to believe now that cops were profiling my car ....and now that I have my Betty (06 Honda Civic) I have never once put an stickers on her and haven't ever got pulled over since i have had her. *knocks on wood again* lol

Kelly said...

Whew! I'm glad you didn't get the ticket. I have never gotten a speeding ticket, and that's only by pure luck. I speed everyday going to work because I'm always late.

Anonymous said...

Wow, everyone is congratulating you on not getting the ticket you admittedly deserved....what does that say about our society? Oh, and in case you don't feel guilty about the whole lying thing, you should! I am not sure which one it is but one of the commandments on God's " Top Ten" list is "Thou Shall Not Lie"! I had to tell a "little white lie" this morning to cover my bosses tail and I hate it. But other than that, have a great day :)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I can't believe you got out of it...I NEVER EVER get out of tickets! I just have that "ticket me" sort of look I guess!